Biot-Savart Applied to Ionic Conductors


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Ionic Conductors and Magnetic Fields 

In my book, I derived Biot-Savart Law from first principles.  To achieve that, I had to consider not only the electron-electron interaction but also the other three interactions associated with electrons and holes in both sides.  So there were four elements that summed up would result in our nice Biot-Savart Law. 


These are the four elements comprising the force felt on wire 1 by moving charges in wire 2.  The force on wire 1 (containing hole 1 with velocity v1=0 and electron 1 with velocity v1=v1) interacting with wire 2 (containing hole 2 with velocity v2=0 and electron 2 with velocity v2=v2) was presented in the book and show above.  ee and ep refer to negative charges in wire 1 interacting with negative and positive charges in wire two.  pe and pp refer to holes in wire 1 interacting with electrons and holes in wire 2.  Adding the four forces, one can reach the nice and elegant Biot-Savart Law.

That came to me as a surprise, since being a Natural Law, nobody knew that hole-hole interactions would be important. 

In the case of an ionic solution, holes are not static. Instead, they are positive ions in motion.

Spintronics should benefit from my equations since in a semiconductor, one might have electrons and holes subject to magnetic fields.

We have been using electromagnetic equations that apply quite well to forces between solenoids and free charges(e.g. Cathodic Ray Tubes).  Now that I understand the role of holes, I believe that that is a distinct situation than the one we have in a plasma. In a plasma, there are no holes.  In fact, a plasma is very similar to an ionic conductor under a magnetic field.
Plasma Physics is a field that might benefit from incorporating what I did. As you can see, the ee force (that deltaEE is proportional to acceleration which is proportional to the force), has an unexpected form.  That would be the part one would use in plasma physics. In fact, one would use the previous formula, before the slow velocity approximation (from the top of my head).
That is one of the reasons why I bother to bother scientists who have polished brands.  I need one of them to be courageous enough to demonstrate love for science and mankind.  I don't want them to tarnish their brands. Instead, I think enlightened support of my theory would benefit their brands.  
They are the people (e.g. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku, etc)  who could lead the introduction of my ideas to other scientists.  Scientists are like everyone else.  They are afraid of taking chances. That make them even less prone to engage with me.  Unfortunately, one can never fight small people... it is unbecoming. One has to challenge UP... not DOWN... Nobody is interested in The Fight of the Light Weights...:) 
I take my chances.  I am wasting my time pursuing something that might benefit your kids... the people of the future...  I do so because I think Mankind deserves a chance.
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