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Mass Challenged Electron

The Mass Challenged Electon...:)

A friend of mine asked me to give a better explanation on the WHYs behind the Fat Electron...

This is a revolutionary idea... In a single slight of hand, the Whole Universe became awfully homogeneous...:) and Simple....:)

The first thing to remember is that waves are created by wavegenerating events (in that case they will dissipate) or are continuously created by wavegenerators....:)

I try just to read Nature and Nature tells me that Gravitation and Electromagnetism do not vanish with time... thus matter has to be modeled as wavegenerators.

Many crackpot theories in the internet miss that point, which I consider an important one... Without it one cannot create the concept of spatial deformation coherence... that is what is missing in all the crackpot theories that tried to compare themselves with mine...:)

I am not saying that my theory is better or correct... It is just a theory... What I am saying is that mine is better thought through and based on sheer common sense ...:)

Now that we know that there should be wavegenerators in the Universe and not just echoes of the Big Bang, one can consider what is a good model for a wavegenerator...

Simple analogy - I say simple but I know that what I say is not simple for most people- with electronic coherences is used to create the wavegenerators.

Most people slept through the class on the expected value of X in a coherence between two states of a double well potential... It doesn't seem important, just a footnote in a Quantum Mechanics class...:) I am an Electronic Engineer and always tried to make a physical model of whatever I learned. In this case, the expect value of a coherence between two states of a double potential well is an oscillating dipole, not unlike the ones I calculated in my Microwaves and Antennae Classes...:)

This oscillating dipole analogy is a fully Quantum Mechanics result. It is not a Semi-Classical model... People who might come up with that perception simply didn't learn Quantum Mechanics properly.

Now that we know that we are talking QM, the next step is to understand why to choose an Electron and a Proton as the counterparties of this Quantum Mechanical Dance...:)

Well it is simple, although it took me six months to decide it. The first thing to notice is that the Fundamental Dilator is actually two particles or better can represent two particles. If one of them is unstable the whole coherence will be unstable.

We know that Gravitation and Electromagnetism is not a transient interaction, thus one have to choose stable particles for the dilator... The Proton and Electron are stable particles which are present on all documented Gravitational and Electromagnetism data.

Now, inspection of their masses and their dynamics modeling through the four-dimensional tumbling indicated the need for Pseudo-Time Quantization and recognition that the dynamics described is taking place in a 5D Spacetime....:)

At that point, everything felt in place and the theory made sense.

Pitch Forks and The Scientific Inquisition..:)

Pitch Forks and The Scientific Inquisition

Pretty soon I will defend Science...:) My theory should be able to defend itself, but I will have to defend it from nonsensical questions or comments...

Before I do it in terms of specific comments and questions, I should preemptively strike and demand an level playing field...:)

I will write down a few things that my theory answers which were never asked to others...:)

  • My theory is a fully geometrical Grand Unification Theory. General Relativity tried to be a geometrical theory as Aristoteles envisioned, but felt short from it. First it has non-geometrical constructs left and right (Energy, Mass, Momentum, Charge, etc)... The second failure is due to the fact that if the concept of geodesical trajectories is so good, why it didn't apply to Electrostatics (other than through the covariant electrodynamics). The field around a Proton is 10^36 times stronger that the Gravitational field around an equivalent mass. My estimate of 10^36 is the correct one, simple comparison between G and 1/(4.pi.epslon) would yield something around 10^41 or so... That means that one Proton is equivalent to 10^36/6.026E26 Kg... or 10^10 Kg or 10 Million Tons... In the Science at Einstein's time it would be proportional to 10^5 time larger than that or 10^12 tons.... This means that a charged one Farad Capacitor would be more than enough to create a Black Hole.. This means that the most beautiful contribution of GR (the geometrical interpretation of curved spacetimes) didn't receive the most basic scrutiny...:)
  • Quantum Mechanics failed horrendously in two of their most famous paradox: the Double Slit Experiment and the Action-At-Distance Paradox... Both, I solved within this blog and papers...
  • There is a criticism that was undully directed towards my theory, which is that a good theory should focus on explaining experimental data...:) That is laughable....:) Well, string theory cannot replicate any of the basic equations I replicated, that is, cannot explain basic Electrostatics, Magnetism or Gravitation... Many theories pay attention to Black Hole Entropy questions when the last time I checked there has been no entropic measurements on a Black Hole... Again, the devil is in the details... It is difficult to place a Black Hole into a calorimeter and measure the flow of energy and mass... and information...:)
  • Not to mention, Black Holes have not been characterized enough even to show that they exist. The same can be said of Quarks... Today, I saw a new paper on the Los Alamos arquives where someone tries to explain Proton stability by adding another dimension to the problem... What happened with the simple explanation that the Proton is the lowest state of a system... Wouldn't that simple explanation be sufficient ... That is what I said here...:)
  • I almost forgot, this theory explains why the speed of light is the limit... It is the only velocity. Nobody asked why when Restrict Relativity came out...:) In doing so, it also explains Unverse explansion (without resorting to Dark Energy).. inflation theory (infinite Universe expansion velocity)
  • What is the meaning of Space being created...:) This is a basic question... I explain everything without having to create space all the time...:)

Here are a few questions that my theory explains but no other does... I am sure nobody asked those questions before because they did not have an answer to them either...:)

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Double Slit Experiment Corrected..:)

Double Slit Experiment Corrected:
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