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Hyperon's Final Chapter

Hyperon's Final Chapter

The Deltas and their Twisted Minds

Hyperon's Crazy Brothers

Hyperon's Crazy Brothers

Every family has a problem child, the Hyperons are not different...:) In fact, they are all dysfunctional, mass challenged, always ready to blow up into pieces...:) Very, very dramatic bunch of highly excited particles...:)

I will be dissing the Hyperon Family for a while so I will use the gossip standard and will stay in this blog a little... If you read it once, read it again, I might have divulged more sordid details about the Family...:)

Let's remember what the Singing Universe paradigm is. We represented the fundamental particles (proton and electron) as two phases of a dimensional volumetric displacement chord (like a musical chord, just instead of sound, you hear dimensional (metric) modulations).

We introduced some of the members of the Hyperon Family (some of them might not be formally a member of the family, e.g. proton, electron). Consider the proton and electron as the stem cells that generated the whole family.

All particles are just combinations of those chords. I should remind you the Balls Diagram and the Coherence Diagram for the Pion Minus:

Below is the amazing Pion Minus complex chord which is actually composed of four fundamemtal chords or 16 notes.

This complex coherence or chord can also be shown as:

I am not a musician, but you can read the chords as an electron chord, followed by a electron-positron transmutation note (half-neutrino chord), followed by a positron-electron transmutation note (another half-neutrino), followed by another electron chord, followed by an electron-proton transmutation note and lastly and proton-electron transmutation note.

The last note recovers the first state of the coherence and completes the Pion Minus Chord.

As you can see, the Pion Minus ate two electrons and a positron and acquired even more mass than one would expect from that. He is really Mass Challenged...:)

Let analyze how could the Pion Minus become soooooo Fat...:) while eating just two electrons and a positron...:) ... You know, each one of those are only 0.510998918 MeV/c^2 ...Eating like a bird, that is what he said, but that would only add to 3 x 0.51=1.53 MeV/c^2. The Pion Minus is actually 139.57018 MeV/c^2... He might binge while sleeping... that is the only explanation...:)

There might be another one. When Pion Minus came to us (Jenny Craig), he was FAT and couldn't figure out why...:) The first thing to remember about Mass (3D Mass) is that: it is not what you eat that matters, it is how do you project what you eat in the 3D Hyperspherical Universe... simple as that..:) I am sure you all are thinking about how to loose those pesky extra pounds...:) Just hide them in the Hyperspace...:)

To understand how that extra mass appeared, let's see the Coherence Diagram again (I might start calling this a Chord Diagram in the future).

The first chord is an electron chord followed by an electron-positron transmutation chord, then a positron chord followed by a positron-electron chord, then a second electron chord followed by an electron-proton transmutation chord and a proton-electron transmutation chord.

Newton's Third Law

Newton's Third Law

By now, I am sure you people are upset that I have been picking on poor Newton. It just happens that his work is fundamental and revising it is a sign of respect and something I couldn't avoid.

The last law states that the force sensed by two interacting bodies are equal and in opposing directions (signs).

Newton's Second Law

Newton's Second Law

I had to reinterpret Newton's Second Law in the Hypergeometrical Universe to recover the Equations of Motion. This might hurt your Brain, but I promised it will be worthile...:)

The first thing I have to point out is that Newton's Law and everything you know about the Universe lies on the right panel of the Hypergeometrical Universe Icon (above, staring you in the face...:) I also should remind you to read the Blog - The Force be with you, Not...:) There, I mentioned that the correct paradigm doesn't have force, mass, charge.

The right panel contains only an unobservable absolute time, x and t ' and x' (I didn't draw the x' to avoid confusion and to emphasize that different inertial reference frames have different time projections t and t').

In my paper, I expressed Newton's equation as: