Deuterium Coherent Fusion Questions


Deuterium Coherent Fusion Questions:

William asked:

On page 68 of the second paper under papers in your blog you are discussing
nuclear fusion of deuterium.

The diagram labeled deuterium shows
interaction of one electron with one nuetron, but deuterium has two

Does your theory predict any new experimental observations
that have
been verified?

What does your theory say about dark energy
and mass?

It is always a pleasure answering questions and having the theory defend itself...:) I will do my part..>:)

Let's see what Wikipedia tells us about Deuterium:

The nucleus of deuterium, called a deuteron, contains one proton and one

Let's see the figure on page 68

Coherent Fusion Questions

Thus Figure 47 shows on the left side the Hypergeometrical Standard Model coherence representation of a proton and a neutron...:)

The proton is the four notes coherence in the lower part of the left panel...It starts with a Proton (horinzontally positioned, thus having a shadow or being in phase with the Fabric of Space).

This is the Fundamental Dilator (Coherence), the reason for Quantum Mechanics and for the Pseudo Time Quantization (which is the reason for Quantum Mechanics)...:)

Let me explain in bullets:

    1. Fundamental Dilator (Coherence) has a quantized interaction with the 3D Universe, that is, if one considers the interaction strength proportional to the footprint of the dilator with the Fabric of Space, them the fundamental dilator only interacts when it is perfectly horizontal..:)

    1. This Quantization makes the Lagrangian Quantized also, that is, the Lagrangian that defines the dilator motion only applies to these phases of the coherence, 0,pi,2pi,3pi...etc...

    1. The Quantum Lagrangian Principle is based on the minimum work done by constraints - which is the physical basis for Hamilton's Principle, Variational Calculus etc....

    1. The 4D de Broglie stepwise lightspeed expansion of the Shockwave Universe together with the Quantum Lagrangian Principle means that at each step the dilator will move to a new position in phase with the surrounding dilaton field. This means that a dilator never dilates out of phase (local phase) with the surrounding dilators. Notice the word local, this means that I am not considering that each and every dilator (no matter where it is localized) will dilate in phase. That is not what Cosmological Coherence means. The meaning is that dilators will dilate in phase with the local dilaton field, thus adding its amplitude contribution coherently (thus extensively)..>:) (in the sense of extensive property of matter).

    1. A dilator will not only surfs the 4D dilaton field but its projection will also surf the 3D projection (the 3D projection of a dilaton field of a single dilator is the de Broglie wave associated with that dilator).

  1. In a Hydrogen atom for example, one has spherical symmetry. The 4D dimension and the de Broglie stepping there is always uncertainly where the dilator will land next. Its dilaton field projection will scatter around the proton at each de Broglie step of the Universe expansion. The scattered dilaton field will create the 3D Lissajous figures associated with the electronic orbitals....:)

In summary, the fundamental dilator is both the source of Grand Unification and the source of Quantum Mechanics. I didn't mention its effect on Grand Unification, but one just need to know that both a Proton and a Electron are different phases of the same coherence. The dilaton field is dependent only upon the displacement as seen from the 4D perspective (RXYZ). This means the even thought the 3D mass is only dependent upon the footprint of the dilator (that footprint is different for a proton and an electron), the 4D mass or 4D displacement volume is the same for both "particles"..:) The intensity of an electromagnetic field is dependent upon the 4D displacement mass and only depends upon the number of dilators, that is, both electron and proton have the same "4DMass" (4D Displacement volume). I wrote the Gravitation and Electromagnetism equations (Gauss and Biot-Savart) in terms of 4D Masses in my Grand Unification...

Before I forget, I have to finish answering William question:

The upper dilator on Figure 47 is a Neutron..:) a dimmer dilator composed of an electron, a transmutation note (electron-proton), a proton and another transmutation note (proton-electron).

Transmutation notes are 3D rotations (rotations around one of the axes in our familiar 3D manifold). The dilator spins and tunnels from 4D deformation state to 4D deformation state. The spinning takes place around an axis perpendicular to R and X(or Y or Z)... The rotation associated with the transmutation note is along any direction within the XYZ subspace.

The difference in time between these two kinds of rotation creates a dephasing and changes which dilator phase is in phase with the Fabric of Space, thus transmutating it from electron into proton. The accumulated dephasing is responsible for the nuclear energy and for the shorter lifetime....:)

So here is your Strong Force..>:)

The diagram labeled deuterium shows interaction of one electron with one neutron, but deuterium has two neutrons.

This is not really what is shown in Figure 47. It shows a Proton and a Neutron, the components of a Deuterium nucleus. Deuterium has only one neutron...:)

Does your theory predict any new experimental observations that have been verified? What does your theory say about dark energy and mass?

The theory provides the mass of all particles. Those are experimental results and have been verified. It also matches all decay reactions (see the Hyperon Family), that is also another experimental result. It also match all the particle spins (Hyperons Delta and Sigma family differs only by spin)...:)

It predicts the possibility to create nuclear fusion coherently, thus with much higher yield, directionality etc...:) The phase matching conditions can easily be measured in an experimental setup... but I can help if one ask me how..:)

I mentioned Gravitational Shielding but I know that you people don't believe in such thing...:) I guess, someday I will explain... when you believe in it...:)

With respect to Dark Matter, the expansion is a direct result of the 4D Shockwave topology and does not require Dark Energy to explain it...:) Dark Matter is another subject... All known spin zero matter is created from spin half dilators. There is a possibility to create dilator with spin zero... like a spin zero neutron...:) I didn't bother to think about this because I don't have data, but I can easily calculate the mass and lifetime of a zero spin neutron... It should be much longer than the spin half neutron (8 minutes)... One can also find out which nuclear reactions would create them..etc...

William, thanks for your questions. Please post them since I normally don't read my gmail email... but whenever I read it, I always answer the questions.

There are other amazing possibilities in this theory. It doesn't provide the thrills of time traveling... or wormholes...:) or black holes entropy that disappears.. or not... but it might take you out of this little planet some day... or save you from that nasty asteroid that has your name on it.....:)

I leave you admiring the Omega Minus Dilator..:) Quite a sight...:)



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