Double Slit Experiment Corrected..:)


Double Slit Experiment Corrected:
Quantum Mechanics Revisited

Ach Einstein, vom Himmel sieh darein!

Anyone out there...:)

I've invoked Einstein back from the Beyond to see the demise of one of the Pillars of Quantum Mechanics and nobody complained...:) That is not fun...:)

In any event, that was on purpose. I would like to bring attention to a very import result of this theory. The proposed Lagrangian Principle requires that Electrons travel in phase with dilatons waves. Since the projection on the 4D dilatons on the 3D Hypersurface are just the standard de Broglie waves, electrons travel, better surf 3D Space riding high on de Broglie waves.!!! That might come not as a surprise for people who does not pay attention. It is different to be a wave and a particle at the same time and to be a particle riding a wave.... The result is the same, matter deposition on interferometric patterns. The essence is totally different... I hope everyone can understand that small but important point... Well, if not, just ask me a question...:)

This means that an Electron does not interfere with itself as proposed by Quantum Mechanics. The velocity pre-selection, necessary for this interferometric experiment, creates a flow of coherent electrons. You have to know how to read an experimental description. When someone says that this is a single electron experiment, he is meaning that only one electron is detected at any given time. This is quite different from only one electron is emitted and traveling this monochromatic path at any given time. What happens is that the cathodic current is not know with more than a pico Amperes of precision and that is 10 Million electrons. Out of those 10 Million electrons maybe one will manage to pass the slit while surfing a dilaton...:)

Dilators always ride dilaton fields. This happens while the Universe travels at the speed of light outwards. A transverse (3D Space) velocity means that the propagation k-vector is tilted by an angle arctan(v/c). In the Grand Unification Theory paper, I demonstrate how a 4D wave can be decomposed in the product of two perpendicular waves. For the motion, the Lagrangian Principle states that the particle will be in phase with the surrounding dilaton field, thus a field that is decomposable into a standard de Broglie wave (3D dilaton projection) and another Radial wave perpendicular to the 3D space which is not observable.

This means that an electronic flow with a narrow speed distribution creates a dilaton field of de Broglie waves that is narrow band and can be used for interferometric pourposed.

This also means that de Broglie waves have the physical meaning of 3D dilaton projections and are independent of the particle that rides them, although that particle will contribute to the dilaton intensity.

Electrons do ride dilaton waves not only prior to the slit but also after the slit. The de Broglie waves will pass through the two slits and will interfere close to the detection plate.

The surfing on the interference pattern means that the electronic deposition will follow the same final interference pattern to the very end.

Below is my initial less provocative entry. Even though I am happy to create some discussion, I am even happier with the final picture the theory provides. It eliminates the horrendously uncomfortable feeling of having to believe that one thing (no matter how small) could be in two places at the same time.. Or many places at the same time (for a multiple slit experiment)...:)

It sounds like Religion and it is.



This blog is about my argument against the Amazing Concept That Electrons Passes Through Two Slides at The Same Time...:)

I am sure you are familiar with Einstein dislike of the probabilitstic interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and hoped to discover the Hidden Variable that could explain such bizarre behavior as the Particle-Wave Interpretation and the Double Slit Experimental Results...:)

He would be happy to read this Blog...:)

To create a Grand Unification Theory, I created a new Lagrangian Principle that states that dilators move in phase with surrounding dilatons...:) This means that dilators (Electrons) travel as a wave following the wave interference pattern.

3D de Broglie Waves are just dynamic projections of the 4D wave pattern and so it is the 3D interference pattern.

Thus the from the Lagrangian Principle it should be clear that one electron passes only through one slit at any given time...:)

Don't believe everything people tells you.

How come there are interference patterns on the photographic plates or photodetector?

Since I mentioned that dilators replicate the dilaton surroundings, they behave as dilatons and have a inherent phase. The 3D space shows the de Broglie projection of the 4D phase pattern.

This phase information allows for dilators (electrons) to behave as wave individually and to create an interferometric deposition pattern on the detector.

Since all the dilators are interacting with the same dilaton field and carry phase information, there is NO NEED FOR THE ELECTRON TO PASS THROUGH BOTH SLITS AT THE SAME TIME...:)

The electons pass through one slit at a time... Many electrons will have their dilaton fields interfering and will follow an interference pattern trajectory prior to detection, but after passing through a single slit...:)

Thus the Universe is simpler than Quantum Mechanics has made you believe...:)



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