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* Even if one were to brush this off as some sort of new physics (e.g. inspired by open string theory), gravity must know about the extra dimensions. Again, we know with excellent precision that the force of gravity in the solar system falls off as 1/r^2 and therefore it is 3+1 dimensional. It is possible to have a model of gravity which is 4D at small distances but sensitive to the full 5D space at large distances (see the Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati model) but this means that the universe behaves in a completely standard way until the acceleration era. This is not what the author has in mind and comes with its own inconsistencies (ghosts etc) which have not been solved.

Answer: This is a very important argument. The answer is the same as the one given to photon confinement. The short answer is that Gravitation and Electromagnetism are also carried by metric waves (dilaton field) in my theory. This dilaton field knows about the extra spatial dimension. It doesn’t care, in the sense that its work (dephasing) will only be felt by matter (dilators) contained with our hypersphere. This means that despite of the dilaton field travels within the 4D spatial manifold, our observation of it only happens through retarded potentials traveling at 45 degrees from hypersphere to hypersphere.

Current view of fields fails doesn’t consider them to be carried by waves. An electric field is normally drawn as lines. This is another paradigm shift HU brings about. Interaction occurs through metric waves (elastic deformations of space) and not through anything that resembles an arrow (inelastic deformation of space). In considering metric waves as carrier of interaction, it becomes clear that for a dilaton field to be EXTENSIVE, dilaton wave contributions have to occur in phase. This brings about the concept of a Cosmological Coherence.

For the dilaton field, the whole Universe is just a Cosmological Coherence.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t dephasing processes. These processes occur onto spatial modulations of the basic dilaton field (its frequency is around 1024Hz). Electromagnetic waves are spatial modulations (the dilator moves as an oscillating dipole) of the basic dilaton field. The same can be said of the LIGO detected Gravitational Waves.

This brings the dimensionality aspect of Natural Laws. The standard thinking is that Gravitation is represented by a field and that field is spread out onto an spherical area, thus the 1/r^2 . We argue that the anthropic dephasing argument presented before forces gravitation and electromagnetism to always travel at 45 degrees from hypersphere to hypersphere as retarded potentials. This means that the 4D spatial manifold is there but the dilaton field doesn’t care!

This is a new argument and because of that it will take a little time for people to understand it. It is based on the concept of dephasing. If there is not dephasing the field is not absorbed nor does any work.

A field spread out onto a 4D hypersphere is a useless (not used) field. The “diffracted” portion of the field traveling at 45 degrees does do work. That diffracted portion only sees a 3D manifold.

I hate to say that everyone is wrong but I have to..:)

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