Hyperon's Crazy Brothers


Hyperon's Crazy Brothers

Every family has a problem child, the Hyperons are not different...:) In fact, they are all dysfunctional, mass challenged, always ready to blow up into pieces...:) Very, very dramatic bunch of highly excited particles...:)

I will be dissing the Hyperon Family for a while so I will use the gossip standard and will stay in this blog a little... If you read it once, read it again, I might have divulged more sordid details about the Family...:)

Let's remember what the Singing Universe paradigm is. We represented the fundamental particles (proton and electron) as two phases of a dimensional volumetric displacement chord (like a musical chord, just instead of sound, you hear dimensional (metric) modulations).

We introduced some of the members of the Hyperon Family (some of them might not be formally a member of the family, e.g. proton, electron). Consider the proton and electron as the stem cells that generated the whole family.

All particles are just combinations of those chords. I should remind you the Balls Diagram and the Coherence Diagram for the Pion Minus:

Below is the amazing Pion Minus complex chord which is actually composed of four fundamemtal chords or 16 notes.

This complex coherence or chord can also be shown as:

I am not a musician, but you can read the chords as an electron chord, followed by a electron-positron transmutation note (half-neutrino chord), followed by a positron-electron transmutation note (another half-neutrino), followed by another electron chord, followed by an electron-proton transmutation note and lastly and proton-electron transmutation note.

The last note recovers the first state of the coherence and completes the Pion Minus Chord.

As you can see, the Pion Minus ate two electrons and a positron and acquired even more mass than one would expect from that. He is really Mass Challenged...:)

Let analyze how could the Pion Minus become soooooo Fat...:) while eating just two electrons and a positron...:) ... You know, each one of those are only 0.510998918 MeV/c^2 ...Eating like a bird, that is what he said, but that would only add to 3 x 0.51=1.53 MeV/c^2. The Pion Minus is actually 139.57018 MeV/c^2... He might binge while sleeping... that is the only explanation...:)

There might be another one. When Pion Minus came to us (Jenny Craig), he was FAT and couldn't figure out why...:) The first thing to remember about Mass (3D Mass) is that: it is not what you eat that matters, it is how do you project what you eat in the 3D Hyperspherical Universe... simple as that..:) I am sure you all are thinking about how to loose those pesky extra pounds...:) Just hide them in the Hyperspace...:)

To understand how that extra mass appeared, let's see the Coherence Diagram again (I might start calling this a Chord Diagram in the future).

The first chord is an electron chord followed by an electron-positron transmutation chord, then a positron chord followed by a positron-electron chord, then a second electron chord followed by an electron-proton transmutation chord and a proton-electron transmutation chord.

The electron-positron transmutation chords are 3D spatial rotations--- they correspond to a transition between the states (0,-2/3,-1/3) and (0,-1/3,-2/3)--- of the dilator while the proton-electron/electron-proton transmutation chords have a more complex meaning.

Notice that I changed the secondary axis of spinning - the dilator spins around the axis perpendicular to R and z.

To find out what is eating at Pion Minus we will have to dissect his ugly cousin: The Neutron...:)

More to come...:) Come back to this posting often - it will keep changing for some time still... These Hyperons are just crazy...:)



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