Hyperon's Final Chapter


Hyperon's Final Chapter

The final Chapter on the Hyperon's Crazy Bunch will have to wait until the end of the week. I am currently blogging the reasons for the strange behavior in this Family...:)

For instance, the Delta Triplets (same mass for Plus, Minus and Zero) have spin 3/2 and decay into the same channel (DeltaZero -> Neutron + Pion Zero) as LambdaZero (spin 1/2). How come two particles triplets, with the same masses, would decay into the same products and still differ in spin..:)

That is a simple problem in the logical framework of the hypergeometrical universe.

Simple reasoning about the spins associated with sub-coherences (sub-chords) explains away the differences and why they can decay into the same channel.

In the prior The Deltas and their Twisted Minds blog, I draw some green and some red on the sub-chord to associated the different colors to clock-wise and anti-clockwise spinning. Difficulties in formatting precluded me from making this point there (at that blog)...:) I will never get back to that table again (formatting using Google table is very complicated)..:)

All this amazing bits of insight will become clear as I blog this family...:) You just have to be patient. It takes time to write this things on my spare time..:)
Other important information that will come out of this picture is the WHY they have their masses and that without invoking Higgs Bosons and Supercomputers...:) Just a simple spreadsheet...:) It is very disappointing...:)

Peter Higgs has a model in which particle masses arise in a beautiful, but complex, progression. He starts with a particle that has only mass, and no other characteristics, such as charge, that distinguish particles from empty space. We can call his particle H. H interacts with other particles; for example if H is near an electron, there is a force between the two. H is of a class of particles called "bosons". We first attempt a more precise, but non-mathematical statement of the point of the model; then we give explanatory pictures.
This might sound extremely smart and confusing...:) but it is only confusing...:) ...

In my theory, which already Unified All the Forces, mass is simply a 3D projection of a 4D displacement volume. Of course, as you know from the Hypergeometrical Newtons's Second Law, I had to change Newton's paradigm of Force /Mass/Acceleration to Stress/Area/Strain.

This simple change in paradigm eliminates the concept of Mass while keeping 3D "area" projection as a proxy of inertia. There is not need to smoke stuff and imagine some kind of massless particle linked by continuous exchange of virtual particle to anchor itself into the Universe. I really think it would be stupid to consider this after understanding my paradigm, but I respect other people need to continue doing what they know how to do and make a living...:) The String Theorists will continue stringing, the conjecturists will conjecture ad infinitum...:)

The only problem is that the future of Mankind is dependent upon some degree of efficiency. We have to grow up in wisdom, technology and knowledge or we will be decimated by some meteor (2036, I believe), raising seas, disruption of distribution systems, production systems or just killed off my rampaging robots (The Terminator..:).....

There are many problems which would go away with some little more knowledge and you need to be alive to make a living...;) (this is directed towards the stringing theorists and conjecturists...:)

Had Newton discovered this geometrical paradigm during his lifetime we would be exploring the Universe in spacecrafts at this time...:)

Please spread the word about this blog and this theory. It should have a day in the Sun...:)

I am doing my part...:) do yours...

If mankind minus one were of one opinion, then mankind is no more justified in silencing the one than the one - if he had the power - would be justified in silencing mankind.- John Stuart Mill


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