Mass Challenged Electron


The Mass Challenged Electon...:)

A friend of mine asked me to give a better explanation on the WHYs behind the Fat Electron...

This is a revolutionary idea... In a single slight of hand, the Whole Universe became awfully homogeneous...:) and Simple....:)

The first thing to remember is that waves are created by wavegenerating events (in that case they will dissipate) or are continuously created by wavegenerators....:)

I try just to read Nature and Nature tells me that Gravitation and Electromagnetism do not vanish with time... thus matter has to be modeled as wavegenerators.

Many crackpot theories in the internet miss that point, which I consider an important one... Without it one cannot create the concept of spatial deformation coherence... that is what is missing in all the crackpot theories that tried to compare themselves with mine...:)

I am not saying that my theory is better or correct... It is just a theory... What I am saying is that mine is better thought through and based on sheer common sense ...:)

Now that we know that there should be wavegenerators in the Universe and not just echoes of the Big Bang, one can consider what is a good model for a wavegenerator...

Simple analogy - I say simple but I know that what I say is not simple for most people- with electronic coherences is used to create the wavegenerators.

Most people slept through the class on the expected value of X in a coherence between two states of a double well potential... It doesn't seem important, just a footnote in a Quantum Mechanics class...:) I am an Electronic Engineer and always tried to make a physical model of whatever I learned. In this case, the expect value of a coherence between two states of a double potential well is an oscillating dipole, not unlike the ones I calculated in my Microwaves and Antennae Classes...:)

This oscillating dipole analogy is a fully Quantum Mechanics result. It is not a Semi-Classical model... People who might come up with that perception simply didn't learn Quantum Mechanics properly.

Now that we know that we are talking QM, the next step is to understand why to choose an Electron and a Proton as the counterparties of this Quantum Mechanical Dance...:)

Well it is simple, although it took me six months to decide it. The first thing to notice is that the Fundamental Dilator is actually two particles or better can represent two particles. If one of them is unstable the whole coherence will be unstable.

We know that Gravitation and Electromagnetism is not a transient interaction, thus one have to choose stable particles for the dilator... The Proton and Electron are stable particles which are present on all documented Gravitational and Electromagnetism data.

Now, inspection of their masses and their dynamics modeling through the four-dimensional tumbling indicated the need for Pseudo-Time Quantization and recognition that the dynamics described is taking place in a 5D Spacetime....:)

At that point, everything felt in place and the theory made sense.

Upon inspection of current human knowledge, it was easy to pinpoint the current flaws. With the understanding the de Brolie waves are 3D projections of the 4D dilaton field, one can easily solve the Double Slit Experiment Paradox...

Double Slit Experiment

My dilator model is quite localized and doesn't make too much sense if one consider the standard Quantum Mechanics model for free electrons.

In QM free electrons are modeled as planar waves, thus presenting infinite uncertainty along the direction perpendicular (Y) to the motion as well as along the direction of propagation (X). The Y direction is not constrained by the Heisenberg Principle (or Fourier Principle).

These principles related deltaX and deltaPx, thus the planar wave picture with total positional uncertainty along Y has no quantum mechanics support to begin with...

In other terms, the deltaY and deltaPy are not defined in the planar wave picture. They should be defined by the Quantum Mechanical Dynamics propagation from a localized state (at the moment of thermal emission in the cathod).

One could have and should have electrons with little position uncertainty along the Y direction and thus they should only pass through one slit at a time...:) That is obvious...:)

Obvious but it is not supported by the experimental results, thus all the theoreticians overlooked this small detail..:) Shame.. :) I missed it also... so I cannot say anything...:)

Once I knew about the dilaton surfing, dilaton 3D projection (de Broglie matter wave) surfing principle, it became clear that the Electrons were surfing the dilaton 3D projections before and after the slit. Next I thought about what happened that everyone missed that point and realized that most people (theoreticians) don't pay attention to experimental setups. Since I know that it is difficult to measure really small currents and that when people say that one electron interfere with itself, they really mean that they are detecting one electron at a time and the their deposition follows an interferometric pattern.

Well, that is a good explanation, but that is not the only explanation possible. I found another...:)

The explanation is that a coherence monochromatic flow of electrons in four-dimensions will produce a coherence monochromatic de Broglie dilaton field. The Quantum Lagrangian Principle states that the dilators will surf the 4D dilaton field, which also means that their projections will look like they are surfing the 3D de Broglie waves....

This theory states that the waves have a real meaning independent upon any single particle surfing the dilaton field as opposed to current QM which believes that the de Broglie wave is the dual personality of the particle....:) Personality issues...:)

So the solution of the problem is that the de Broglie field is real and it is created by a flow that is millions of times the flow resulting from a single dilator. It is the de Broglie wave that is planar and that passed through both slits at the same time...

When one electron manages to pass through one of the slits, it will surf the de Broglie interference pattern on the other side...and deposit itself according...

I am just reading Nature... nothing else...



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