May The Force be With You, Not


May The Force be With You, Not

This is the most important installment of the theory. You have been told that you are strong, can pull up big weights, big biceps etc... Luke Skywalker was told that the Force should be with him....etc...

The only thing I can tell you is to Forget The Force.... It will not do anything to help you with The Grand Unification... By the way, Forget The Field... It doesn't help either... at least at this stage... Later, you can come back and redefine everything in your own words....

Now that you forgot, Force... Forget Mass... Forget Charge... One cannot Unify anything with those constructs...

Now, think about what is the goal of mechanics (Gravitation), electrostatics, electromagnetism... The goal is to explain why things move by action at distance...:)

The HU Theory describes the Universe as a Four-Dimensional Lightspeed Expanding Hyperspherical Surface. You might imagine what I was thinking... Dilatons are spacewaves... What waves do?... During my thoughts, I remembered the tropical storms that stranded me in the room in the backward of my childhood home... Mini lakes separated me from the main house and there was nothing to do other than to look at the hypnotical waves ...

Many years passed by and I had to face waves again...This time they were four-dimensional and my little pond was actually the whole Universe hurling through the four-dimensional space at the speed of light... (four-dimensional space equal five-dimensional spacetime).

The first challenge is what property or symmetry to pay attention?.... The second problem is how to think in four-dimensions, that is, how to simplify the problem such as to be able to fit inside my Brain...

The solution to the first problem are Lorentz transforms... The solution to the second problem is the usage of cross-sections... The Solution to the third problem is 42 or the Pendulum of Brahma...

The Pendulum of Brahma is an allegory that states that the Pendulum swings and every time is passes again, it is at a different place (different four-dimensional spacetime coordinate in Relativity or different fifth-dimensional spacetime coordinate in HU). The Universe is never the same, it moves forward every time the Pendulum of Brahma Passes By.

de Broglie proposed that matter has an equivalent wavelength (de Broglie wavelength) that identifies the equivalent wave in the particle-wave duality. The Pendulum of Brahma corresponds to each de Broglie wavelength expansion of the whole Universe. This will become clearer later...

The theory does not need the definition of Mass, Charge etc.. to predict action at distance. It needs those definitions for calibration with what we know.

Let's start with the easy "Force", Gravitation. - to be continued tomorrow...:)
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