Milk Way Monster Black Hole Ignores Snack


Milk Way Monster Black Hole Ignores Snack

To the disappointment of the many Black Holists, the Gas Cloud G2 survived passing close to the Lion's Jaws...:)

The Hypergeometrical Universe offers a much more nuanced view of Black Holes that current General Relativity or Quantum General Relativity does.

Black Holes are close related to the initial metric fluctuation that generated the Universe.  It doesn't have the antisymmetric (dipolar) nature of the Original Quantum Fluctuation but it can have anisotropy (Black Hole Tubes), dispersion (higher order metric deformation states will present no Gravitation nor long-range interaction for that matter).

Anisotropy can be understood when one considers what I would expect from a Black Hole with angular momentum (axial symmetry or Black Hole Tubes).  These are new Black Holes since angular momentum would be transferred to the Galaxy through Gyrogravitation (see my formula for Gyrogravitation) as time goes by.  New Black Holes would also be highly active (see White Orifice Posting).

The reason for G2 survival might be due to the age of our Sigma* Black Hole, size (thus collapsing into a higher level of metric deformation and thus emitting different frequency dilaton field).  A different frequency dilaton field is present on neutrinos and would also be present on an old, hyper massive Black Hole.

Of course, the model for mass accretion within the Hypergeometric Universe Theory has the following characteristics:

a) Mass is accreted. nuclei distances decrease until they reach the fundamental dilator de Broglie wavelength divided by SQRT(2).  At that distance, dilators sense no gravitational force.  Topology depends upon angular momentum.  Cylindrical topology for young Black Holes (with angular momentum), spherical topology for Black Holes without angular momentum.  Angular Momentum is transferred to the surroundings through Gyrogravitation.
b) If mass pass a threshold, dilator rearrange into a higher order deformation state at the core and lower order deformation state at the surface.  That is, one would expect that the Gravitational pull of a Black Hole wouldn't go to zero, but would stabilize at a given value (which might still be total mass dependent).  This is the Black Hole shell that stars and G2 Glass Cloud would perceive.
c)It is not questionable if Hawking radiation would occur.  The question is where (perhaps just outside the metric deformation excited level core and thus still inside the normal matter shell).  If that were the case, one wouldn't be able to see Hawkins radiation and the Black Hole Evaporation would take much longer than currently expected.
d) a more interesting issue is the cooling of Black Holes.  As Hawkins radiation takes place, the excited core would cool down.  Since it doesn't interact with the surroundings, cooling would be much faster that expected.

Remember the solution of my Illuminati Puzzle... "There is energy in cold"...:)



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