New Year's Resolutions


  • Happy New Year

These are my near term goals:

Done Already:

  1. Createa parameterless Theory of Everything - The Grand Unification Hypergeometrical Universe Theory.
  2. Create a book describing the Grand Unification Theory
  3. Create a book describing the Hypergeometrical Standard Model and how to create Coherent Thermonuclear Reactions.

To be completed:

  1. Contact the Large Hadron Collider scientists to bring about an experiment that can prove or disprove the Coherent Fusion Reaction paradigm.
  2. Find a laboratory where I can test my ideas on Gravitational Shielding
  3. Become part of the Five Dimension Consortium - Already requested.
  4. Post the theory in the Cornell-Los Alamos Arxives - Already tried
  5. Finish editing my own book: The Flying Orchestra
  6. Explain the dimensional strain susceptibility model, the basis for Nonlinear Hadronics
  7. Explain the calculation of all masses (isotopes, hypernuclei)

As you know, a new year brings new commitments. In the Hypergeometrical Universe, things are not different. I will continue explaining my theory, writing books, and trying to reach out to other scientists.

I requested the 5D Space-Time-Matter Consortium to join it as a member. I didn't hear from them yet, but I have some hope, after all everyone knows the Canadians are nice people..>:)

I was invited to become a member of the Santilli-Einstein Academy of Sciences which I accepted.

Paul Ginsparg, the man in the Chicken Suit above - please click it to find out about the shenanigans by the Chicken Man-, still didn't give me a break and let me post my 1 Megabyte pdf in his server...:) The man has no heart...:)

I figure out who to contact at CERN to try to entice them to read my theory and to think about an experimental test. This is a low cost and high payoff experiment. If it were to suceed, Mankind energy problems would be a thing of the past, as well as global warming, misery etc...

The second book (Hadron Models) has been downloaded at a very high clip - 1000 (a thousand) downloads per day.

It is obvious that downloading a pdf is free and people love free stuff. It is still remarkable that that many people would be aware of the release and bother to download it at that rate. I am quite pleased.

We are about to reach 11,000 unique IP readers or something of the order of eleven thousand readers of my blog. This is very significant considering how difficult it is for people to understand abstract ideas. That is certainly a reason to celebrate.

Please feel free to ask questions or criticize the theory. When I say, criticize, please don't provide an opinion...:) Opinions are irrelevant, anyone can have an opinion... Few will be able to create a meaningful argument... Please provide me with a thoughful argument refuting or supporting something I said. Science is not a matter of taste..>:) It is the result of rational debate instead.

This is going to be a great year for the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory and for me. I wish you great success.



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