Pion Glutonic States


Pion Glutonic States

In the prior posting, I presented the mathematical derivation of the Fundamental Postulate of Relativity- The one that says that the speed of light is the same in all inertial reference frames and thus it is the limiting speed in this Universe.

Some place, Einstein should be turning around in his grave...:)

That in itself would be interesting.  The other result is that I set forth new formulas from Gravitation and Electromagnetism which lacks poles... that is, they don't blow up as the distance between charges or masses goes to ZERO...:)  

At this moments, string theorists, Standard Modelers should be in their high excited states since now the can redress my simple theory with whistles and strings ...  I suspect that is unnecessary and undesirable.

These poles are the reason why Renormalization was created. Quantum Chromodynamics had to add infinities and makes that infinite collection of infinities equal to a constant...:)  Using my theory would save a lot of embarrassment and the sinking feeling that things are not quite right...:) despite of sayings to the contrary..:)

Below I turn to a lighter subject...:) The End of The World..>:)
The large Hadron Collider is warming up its engines..>:)  Ready to create powerful collisions that will surely destroy the planet...:)  Of course, NOT....

Everyday cosmic rays with immensely larger energies collide with our planet and ourselves and nothing happens.

The question is what happens when Electrons, Protons, Isotopes are placed into a collision path...:)

Let's start with the simple collision of an Electron and Positron.  Later we will see what happens when a Proton and an Antiproton collides...:)

Below is the process of creation of a pion plus and pion minus out of an electron-positron collision.

It is easy to recognize the Pions from my prior Pion assignments as well as the First Glutonic State of the Pion ground state or third glutonic state of an electron or whatever you might want to call it...:)  

The concept of Glutonic states is relevant because they differ when starting from an electron ground state by an Electron-Positron pair as if the electron has swallowed it.  Of course one can envision higher order glutonic states.  The catch is that these glutonic states increase the deformation of the local fabric of space by the period mismatch between the fundamental dilator coherence and this higher order coherence.  Stability and existence depends upon the rotation to be within certain range to be described further when the model for mass calculation is set forth.
Below is the first glutonic state of pions...:)

Of course, if you never saw these diagrams (Balls Diagram) you might be confused.  They always for a loop representing an lifetime lasting coherence (lifetime is equal to the lifetime of the particle they represent).  In the case of electrons, protons, antiproton and positrons, the coherences is the ground state coherence (coherence between two ground states in a double potential well, which spins in a five dimensional non-compact spacetime, traveling together with the lighspeed shockwave 3D hyperspherical universe).

The lettering represents spinning angles in this 4D rotation.  Red and Blue lines represent transmutation subcoherences which also represent rotations, but this time, those are rotations within the 3D shockwave hyperspherical universe.  A rotation within our hypersphere or universe changes the phase relationship between spinning and the tunneling from one state of deformation to another, thus changes which state is in phase with our Universe and produces a transmutation.

Similar states will result from a Proton-Antiproton collision.  I will show them later... As you know, I do this is my spare time and that is quite short these days...:)



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