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This question was proposed to Dr. Kaku radio show.
Dear Dr. Kaku,
I created a theory (Hypergeometrical Universe) and suffered censorship at Los Alamos Archives. I requested criticism for 11 years and wasn't able to find a single scientist willing to criticize it on record. By on record, I mean in a vehicle that can be found by other scientists. I believe my ideas will defend themselves but they need to be known by others for that to happen.
The theory proposes that the 3D spatial Universe is a lightspeed expanding hypersphere hypersurface. This eliminates the need for Inflation Theory. In doing so, the speed of light becomes sqrt(2) c due to the introduction now of a moving reference frame to the light speed measurements.
I introduced a new model for matter based on a fundamental dilator (a coherence between stationary deformation states). In this theory, electron, proton, positron and anti-proton are just different phases of a spinning coherence (the spin within an non-compact 4D spatial manifold). The spinning allows for matter to keep its nature. Inertia is modeled as the footprint of this 4D shape-shifting spinning coherence. Spin half is the relationship between spinning and tunneling. The spatial (geometrical) nature of the theory eliminates the need for a Higgs mechanism.
Newton's laws are replaced by a Space Strain-Stress paradigm. Strain is equivalent to the mass (depends upon the area of the footprint) and stress is equivalent to Force.
Interaction between dilators occurs through the generated waves created by the spinning shape-shifting dilators. I used a minimum work paradigm - dilator land on the Universe where they are in phase with the dilaton field. Using this I was able to derive Newton's Gravitation Law and Biot-Savart Law. The theory eliminates the need for gluons and for Electro-Weak Forces.
Since the dilaton field is mapped to a metric wave (for which the gravitational wave is an specific case), I recovered the de Broglie-Bohm theory and agree with them about their analysis for the double-slit wave. The electron passes through one slit, the dilaton wave (their pilot wave) passes through both slits. The Quantum Lagrangian Principle (minimum work) force electrons to deposit in an interferometric pattern.
This theory also explains the why the speed of light is the limiting speed. The resulting Gyrogravitation equation complies with both The Mercury Perihelion Observations and with Gravitational Lensing.
The theory challenges General Relativity since my gyrogravitation equation supports Paul Gerber potential, explains the why of Restrict Relativity, rejects Inflation Theory, rejects the need for Higgs Bosons. So it is understandable that scientists will fear allowing it to be discussed, after all Science is a delicate flower that cannot stand other perspectives.
That said, I don't have the power to force a scientist to present an argument against my theory since they know that if they fail, I would ask their help (I would ask them to be my Giordano Bruno). I would ask them to defend the right of this idea to be discussed.
The revision of the Copenhagen Interpretation allows for the recognition of a new Force - the de Broglie dilaton field, which I calculated as having three times the strength of electromagnetism.
This means that there is a tremendous upside in bringing this idea into the fold of discussions. If correct, Mankind has been tackling the Universe with their hands tied-down on their backs. A new force would change this..including allowing for achieving thermonuclear energy in a different path.
The theory has been written up on a book - since nobody allows me to deposit it on the arxives.
I created a blog and another blog inside that blog just for our discussions.
The book can be found here
I am looking forward to learn from you.
Marco Pereira
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