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Greetings MP,

I read your blog from bottom to top. I like the theory and am impressed at the breadth it covers, it's agreement with what is already known, and it's recovery of all the standard equations and constants. I easily grasp the 4D shockwave in a 5D universe, and that we are all traveling at the speed of light.

Unfortunately, my math skills petered out at calculus. Even in calculus I could never remember the formulas. I always relied on visualization to gain an understanding of the problem and choose an appropriate analysis method. Then I had to recover the formula for the method from my visualization of the steps of the analysis process. Essentially, anything I can visualize, I can understand well enough to work with, but you will never see me produce neat formulas.

I can just about manage to visualize 3D objects that are morphing shape while both translating and rotating. I believe this may be sufficient to be able to fully visualize your theory. I only need to get an accurate set of visualizations built up.

I think I understand the 4D shockwave and absolute time. I follow the Hubble velocity being due to universe expansion, and inertia as a result of space trying to relieve the strain of a distortion. I start to get lost at the balls diagrams.

I understand electron = proton = positron = anti-proton as four different rotational positions of the same 4D space distortion (dilator). I'm not certain I fully understand rotation vs. tunneling. I'm also not getting a good visual of neutrinos as pairs of transmutations.

A neutrino should be just another kind of space distortion, like the electron/proton/positron/anti-proton. If so, I can see how interactions between them could possibly result in a disturbance of the synchronization of your fundamental dilator so that it began to present itself to 'reality' as a different 'particle'.

There is a lot more I would like to clear up, but this is enough for a start. I hope you check this email address. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

The Balls Diagram Review

These are questions that show a great level of insight and thoughtfulness. It gives me the chance to try to clarify and emphasize some points... :)

Let's review what is the meaning of the Balls Diagram and Tunneling and Spinning...:)

The goal of the Balls Diagram is to represent a shape-shifting displacement volume (metric distortion) which in addition to being a 4D displacement volume also spins (rotates along an axis perpendicular to R and any other direction in the 3D Shockwave Universe -SWU). The horizontal lettering represents the that state is with full intersection with the 3D SWU. The alignment of the Balls is just to indicate the sequence of events. At each de Broglie step of the SWU we reach one state represented by another Ball in the sequence. The four Balls also mimic a chord of dimensional notes (space deformational notes) and are the components of the fundamental dilator.

The reasons for a fundamental dilator are simple. They provide the carrier frequency for all communication..:) In other words, for interaction to occur, the interacting parties have to average out to something and that only happens if they have the same base frequency...:)

A very simple and fundamental justification for the Fundamental Dilator. This is also the reason why Quantum Mechanics is so simple...>:) Well, the Quantum Lagrangian Principle and its application to the Gran Unification Equations is a give-away for the reasons for Quantum Mechanics. Here it became clear that de Broglie waves (3D projections of the dilaton field) is an actual deformation of space. Since the dilators surf the 4D space on their local dilaton field, their 3D projection also surfs the 3D SWU in the corresponding projections of the 4D dilaton waves - the de Broglie waves.

This is the reason behind Quantum Mechanics. Each and every scientist that worth their salt tried to find the link between Classical and Quantum Mechanics. Of course, that includes all the Brainiacs (Pauli, Schrodinger, Weil to say a few).

Einstein was the most refractary to the Quantum Leap of Faith associated with the Equivance Principle that created Quantum Mechanics. He conjured up the Hidden Variables Conjecture. The idea was that there was some hidden variables from which Quantum Mechanics could be derived and thus eliminated. He spent his life trying to eliminate Quantum Mechanics rational that matter has an wavelike character.

It just happens he was wrong and there was waves in the problem after all!!!

Matter (dilators) surf and generate waves (dilatons)...:)

By the way, I am most likely the first one ever to introduce surfing into Physics...:) I am sure someone made a physical study of surfing..:) but not the other way around...:)

Let's start with spinning...:) Spin was the most obscure physical property of matter. Its normal description is that Spin is an Intrinsic Degree of Freedom...:) which is suppose to mean that it is some internal degree of freedom (some internal rotational degree of freedom of something as obscure as a particle-wave duality)...:) If that is not clear enough for you, you shouldn't be a String Theorist..:) or someone with a nullified critical sense...:)

To be fair, the problem did not exist until I explained the thing better..:) Until I created my theory, intrinsic degree of freedom was a code word for something you will never understand... You might think you understood but not really... You can fool yourself for some time, fool many people for some time, but you can never fool everyone forever...:)

Eventually someone will say, Dude - This doesn't make sense...:)

In my theory the INTRINSIC character becomes EXTRINSIC in a 4D space manifold where the shockwave 3D Universe propagates.

I did it...:) but the replacement argument requires a broad understanding... Simpler, but broader. The first thing is that in my Hypergeometrical Universe, Mass is replaced with space deformation volume. I kept the "Quark" description where it made geometrical sense.

The Standard Model, which my theory challenges, states that a proton is a up,up, down quark particle. In other words, it contains a 2/3,2/3,-1/3 quark composition. This doesn't make sense as it doesn't make sense the word Quark in that sentence. The reason being is that there are other ways to describe Quark Soup, Gluon Soup etc in terms of my dilators...:)

It makes sense the 2/3,2/3,-1/3 classification. The reason being is that one can assign 2/3,1/3 etc as being the axis length of a four-dimensional ellipsoid of revolution in such a way that 4D volume is conserved upon nuclear reactions.

I used this reasoning to assign the electron and antineutrino Hypergeometrical classification.

Neutron decays into a Proton, Electron and an anti-neutrino.
A Neutron was assigned (-1/3 , -1/3 , 2/3 )
A Proton was assigned (-1/3 , 2/3 ,2/3 )
An Electron was assigned ( 0 , -1/3 , -2/3 )
An anti-neutrino was assigned (1/3 , -1/3 , 0 )

You might say that the total volume of the electron is zero as it is the total volume of the anti-neutrino...:) Sometimes a Zero is just a Zero, other times a Zero is just a very small number - different from Zero..:) This is the later case.

The other fine point to observe is that there is an important difference between the Electron and the Neutrino. Since the Neutrino is a coherence between two rotated states of an Electron 4D Stationary Deformational State, the Neutrino acting upon an electron will make it rotate...:) within the 3D Space.

The other fine point is that any any given time, looking from afar, the Neutrino displacement volume is approximatelly Zero. One axis stretches space, the other compresses space. The far field or metric at distance is not changed. This means that the Neutrino, not only has the wrong frequency, but also it is a weak emitter (just near field is significant)...:)

Those two factors are the source of the very weak interactivity of Neutrinos.

The neutrino is notoriously non-interacting. There are reasons for that. I will talk here about the first reason. The straigh-up dope is that the tunneling frequency for the neutrino coherence is different from the fundamental dilator coherence...:) That simple. Nothing exchanging gluons in a primordial soup or a disconnection with the Higgs Bosons or other mumble jumble...:) Just different frequencies and thus the interaction averages out to zero..>:) Just Fourier interactions.

The second item in the agenda is the understanding of the meaning of Tunneling. In a geometrical sense each stationary 4D deformational state is a collapse of the metric in a region of space, that is, the distance between two points radially opposing a "particle" is changed by the presence of it. Let's say that an electron will shrink a little the distance, while a proton will increase that distance. The increase in distance by a proton is circa 2000 times larger than the shrinkage generated by the presence of the electron.

The diagram below shows the four transitions associated with the fundamental dilator. The particular particle being represented depends just upon which phase is in phase with the Lighstpeed Expanding Hypergeometrical Universe.

I chose to start this diagram with the Electron State (0,-2/3,-1/3)

The meaning of a coherence is that energy flows from one state to another and vice-versa until something out-of-phase steals that energy. There is nothing out-of-phase in the fundamental universe, that is, Protons and electrons are the two lowest states from a double potential well, thus there isn't any other state for the energy to decay into...:) This means that it is hopeless to try to observe a Proton or an Electron decaying...:) for many reason including the fact that they are the same entity..>:)

As you follow the arrows up and down what is happening is the the shape of that volume changes from a small contraction of 4D space into a larger contraction of 4D space into a small expansion of 4D space into a larger expansion of 4D space. As it (dilator) shape-shifts, the changing displacement volume generate waves (dilatons). Through these dilatons, dilators interact.

I introduced a Quantum Lagrangian Principle to derive the Grand Unification Equations. The Quantum Lagrangian Principle states that the dilator will always dilate in phase with the surrounding dilaton field. Thus there is never dephasing. That is the reason for the proposed Cosmological Coherence, that is, the whole Universe is always in phase (well, whoever is not in phase - hyperons, neutrons etc will eventually dephase into something that is in phase).

Thus up to now, you should be able to understand the Tunneling and its effect upon the dilator. If you remember that this dilators are traveling at the speed of light (and dilatons),you will realize that the dilator is like being in the cockpit of a Mach One jet. There is no noise reaching anything in front of the jet until the jet passes and if you were traveling in another Mach One Jet in the shockwave generated by the first you would be able to hear anything happening in the first one...:) In the Hypergeometrical Universe, everybody can hear you...:)

Now remember what Newton said. Matter Attracts Matter with a strenght proportional to the product of their masses. If you replace in this statement Masses by 3D intersection volumes and matter by dilator, you will have half of my paradigm.

The giveaway is the word intersection. If you have a non-spinning 4D volume which is changing shape, you would see all the different shapes. If this 4D volume is spinning then you will only see an intersection at very specific phases (if the 4D volume is thin along the radial coordinate).

This is where the Balls Diagram enters.

what is being represented here is not only the shape-shifting coherence, but also the spinning. The sideways written phases represent the sidewise 4D volumes, thus Zero intersection with our 3D Hyperspherical 3D Universe.

If you remember what Newton said, then it becomes clear that the sidewise phases do not interact. That is the reasoning behind the Stroboscopic Universe concept. Despite of a continuous time flow, interaction is intermittent, thus existence is intermittent...:)

I interact, now and then, therefore
I exist now and then.


Where are those Sorbonne Philosophers when you want one..:)

To understand the Neutrino, you will have to think about where it came from. Below is the Neutron Balls Diagram:

Or its decay reaction:

Here you can see the two dilator sequences. It is clear that the red lines introduced a phase shift (delay) between the tunneling (shape-shifting) transitions and the spinning. Remember that something has to spin around an axis. In a 4D space you can choose any one of the three axis to spin (perpendicular to R and X, perpendicular to R and Y, perpendicular to R and Z). These correspond to the SpinX, SpinY and SpinZ particle polarizations.

To understand the Neutrino and its non-interacting nature, you have to look at the state diagram above.

You can see the coherence sequences (electron followed by a half-neutrino, followed by a proton followed by another half-neutrino).

The Proton and Electron coherences correspond to shape shifting processes. The half-neutrino sequences corresponds to a transition between two electron states (0,-2/3,-1/3) and (0,-1/3,-2/3)...>:) You might say, "Hell, these correspond to the same volume, they just differ in orientation..>:)" and you would be correct. It happens that is takes time to reorient anything with a finite volume. This time is the needed delay to place the Proton shape in phase with our 3D Universe. I call those transitions, Transmutation Notes...:)

The whole thing has a musical analogy. Each Fundamental Dilator is analogous to a Four Notes Chord. The four fundamental particles correspond to the same Chord, just differing in which is the first note.

Transmutation Notes actually produces transmutations. This dephasing introduces intra-coherence space deformations (identical to the ones responsible for inertial motion in the Silver Surfer blog). In a Shockwave Universe, one only need to locally twist space to start moving. Similarly, the intra-coherence twisting generated by the Transmutation Notes generates potential motion, that is, they store the Nuclear Energy that is released upon particle decay.
Now, we now what is the meaning of a Neutrino within a Neutron. We have a volumetric representation of it. Does this means a Neutrino exists outside a Neutron. That is a difficult question, but the answer is Yes. This doesn't mean that one can only create a Neutron from an Electron and a Proton through Neutrino Capture. The intra-coherence space twisting and thus 3D intersection volume (or Mass) can be converted from simple kinetic energy (which is of course, space twisting).

In summary, a Neutrino will impact a 3D rotation into a dilator pair. In their individual existence, they carry angular momentum and Zero volume (a relative Zero as always).

More complex coherences correspond to more complex particles (hypernuclei or hyperons).

Below it is a nice example or a hypernuclei..:) The Delta Zero
which decomposes into this:

a Proton and a Pion Minus...:)

Notice the pentameric nature of the coherence. The Delta Zero is a Five Chord Coherence, thus it contains five fundamental coherence in it. Since the initial phase is unknown, all the phases coexist. If you create such a particle through high energy collisions you will see five unseparable entities. If you try to separate, another five will appear from each one of them..:) Like the Hydra...You cut a Head and a whole Body comes into existence...:)

This is my explanation for Quark Soup, Gluon Soup, or anything people might think they see in a collisional experiment. I personally don't like Quark Soup...:) nor Gluon Soup...:)

Matt, thanks again for the opportunity to explain the theory. I am always hoping that someone will understand this simple theory and ask some questions...:)

After all, it is not nice to be the only one who understands the Universe...:) Lonely here...:)
My work will be done when people see a traveling particle and realizes the it is just a metric distortion...:) .... while realizing that it sings its unique song...:)

It is coming the time that I will tell you how to manipulate space directly..:) With your very own hands...:)



PS- I tried to steal one of those nice graphics on the Great Wave Site (link on the side) but failed. There are some that resembles a rotation. For example, there is a trigonal dilator which would rotate 120 degrees if one were to see if in a stroboscopic light...:) Not unlike my pentameric Delta Zero. Since this is a 3D image, the rotation is in 3D. I tried in the past to strike a collaboration with the fellow in the Great Waves Site, but failed to receive a reply...:) I am just too busy to make my own rotating GIFs at this time..

By the way, the displacement volumes are always 4D and they spin in that 4D space manifold. Time is another matter. I hope to entice you into understanding TIME later...:)

Anyone can post a comment to the theory or email me directly. I moderate comments to avoid really stupid people from making their voices heard and to minimize the amount of distraction from my ideas. Remember, this site doesn't have my picture, my name (explicitly) or anything that resembles a personallity cult...

I am interested in scientific discussions and the ideas are at the center stage... :) If someday the forces that be stop censoring my ideas, then if you are interested, I can tell you a little about myself...

Currently, I am irrelevant...:)



PS - Click the Big Bird (Paul Ginsparg) to find out about Censorship in Physics...:)

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