The Luddites are coming..:)


The Luddites are coming..:)

Vedic Astrology has left a new comment on your post "The Cosmic Microwave Background":

The CMBR is well explained by the Big Bang model – when the universe was young, before the formation of stars and planets, it was smaller, much hotter, and filled with a uniform glow from its white-hot fog of hydrogen plasma. As the universe expanded, both the plasma and the radiation filling it grew cooler. When the universe cooled enough, stable atoms could form. These atoms could no longer absorb the thermal radiation, and the universe became transparent instead of being an opaque fog. The photons that were around at that time have been propagating ever since, though growing fainter and less energetic, since the exact same photons fill a larger and larger universe. This is the source for the term relic radiation, another name for theCMBR.

Maybe not..:) This comment doesn't come from a real Luddite..:) that is, from a real Inflation Theorist..:) The explanation is too imprecise to be rebutted properly.

The first problem is White-Hot Plasma... that is way too cold...:) What is the black-body temperature that corresponds to white...:) 6000 degrees is already yellow...:)

What kind of Big Bang yields just White Hot Matter??????? If you tell me that there is an initial sea of radiation that is decaying into particles, that makes more sense to me...:)

You remember... IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS THE LIGHT..:) not Hot White Plasma...:)

The Astrologist did not provide a time frame for the cooling or thermal equilibration and did not mentioned the requirement that the 15 Billion light years Universe size to be reached in an attosecond after the Big Bang..:) small details, of course...but they are worthy of comments since they require matter to travel faster than the speed of light and then stop or travel at speeds below the speed of light..:) Forget momentum conservation, that is another law that goes off the window in Inflation Theory. It begetts the question of what happens to the light that bounces back from the Universe bondary???? Can we see a reflected Universe there?....:)

Any theory that proposes a finite 3D Universe suffers from this problem. Infinite 3D Universes have bright nights..>:) One cannot win...:)

Notice that my 3D Universe is finite but cannot be traversed neither by matter nor light...:) It expands due to the natural expansion of a 3D shockwave within an infinite 4D spatial manifold. There is no need to create space out of nothing...:) space is always there, we are the stuff that is moving outwards, radially, at the speed of light. Also, nights are dark, not bright due to the expansion of the shockwave radius. Farther apart light sources suffer from Doppler Shifting and no light ever reaches from anyting farther that a radian away or 15.6 billion light years....:)

I will summarise the salient points of any physical model describing the initial few attoseconds of this Universe.

• Instead of White-Hot Plasma, consider Protons, Neutrons, Electrons surrounded by a sea of Gamma Rays.
• Inflation Theory adds to this an almost infinitely fast expansion process where the "boundaries" of the Universe (edge of it, if you will...:) quickly expanded to current positions. With the newly discovery of a continuous expansion, this image has been patched to contain a process of continuous "space creation"... Thus between any two points in the Universe, there is some space been created... I think this doesn't make absolutely any sense. Of course, almost infinitely fast expansion of the Universe means that matter would be traveling together with the boundaries at speeds larger than the speed of light...:) another offensive hypothesis.
• Considering these two hypotheses, one would expect that the almost infinitely fast expansion would NOT result in thermal equilibrium between Gamma Rays and particles. Does light also speeds up during the Inflation Period????

On the other hand an expansion yields a sudden decrease of density and that means a burst of any radiation that is not "THERMALIZED" that is a burst of Gamma Rays at the beginning of times is something to be expected..:)

As far as I know, there is no indication of any dependency of a Gamma Ray photon wavelength with the size of the Universe. As you know, the Universe is not a box and a Gamma Ray photon is closer to a localized particle than to a normal model (pure frequency) of the Universe box…J

The appropriate reading of inflation theory indicates that the initial expansion takes place in such a short time that there is not time for cooling equilibration. In addition, there is no proven relationship between "The Size of The Universe" and the wavelength of a photon traveling within it. If the Universe were to change the dimensions of everything equally as it changes its own size one would have an atom of the size of a planet...:).. Of course, the inflationary period changes only the distance between particles. On an amazing stretch of imagination one might say that it also changes the wavelength of White-Hot Plasma radiation. The scale of the inflation is such that no Gamma Ray or White-Hot Plasma radiation would survive above DC (zero frequency or thereabouts). Thus one cannot consider that whatever radiation we had at time zero, were to do a wavelength scale corresponding to the size increase of the 3D Universe...:)

The second possible physical argument that one can raise to explain the dependence of radiation wavelength with the size of the Universe is the Variable Size Resonance Cavity Model. In this model, one consider that Universe to be initially a very small box of conducting matter. Inside it, our 3D Universe were sitting hot and bothered....white-hot and bothered...:)

Under those circumstances, radiation is constrained by the permitted normal modes of the Resonance Cavity. As the cavity changes size, there is a crossing or elimination of orthogonality of the different modes and energy relaxes into the new lower modes. Under these circumstances one can consider a radiation cooling process synchronous to the change in the position of the boundaries (Resonant Cavity Dimensions). The physics is similar to considering that the photons were particles with momentum hk bouncing of the walls of this Universe Box. Adiabatic cooling happens when one changes the size of the box quickly. Pressure times Volume should remain the same, that is, larger volume implies lower pressure or lower photon momentum hk...:) This would meant that an Universe expansion would yield photons with lower momentum or larger wavelength.

This is fine and dandy, but it requires that radiation bounces back and forth off those walls during the equilibration period. In a 15 Billion Light Years Resonance Cavity this is a strech...:) In addition that it requires that end of the Universe to be a perfect conductor...:) (superconductor to be precise...:)

I hate to say, but this stinks...:) Not physical process we know would propel all the stars in the Universe at speeds almost infinitely larger than the speed of light... stop their motion after an attosecond...have a perfectly reflective End Of Universe...:) etc..

Let's review this part of the commentary:
The photons that were around at that time have been propagating ever since, though growing fainter and less energetic, since the exact same photons fill a larger and larger universe. This is the source for the term relic radiation, another name for theCMBR.
Photons do not loose energy - become less energetic by traveling through space. If that were the case one wouldn't see far aways stars... their radiation would be tired by now..:) There is a funky Tired Photon theory which I discredited in some other posting that talks about tired - less energetic photons due to traveling through distances..:) One cannot take that idea seriously... This idea has been used to keep the Universe nice and infinite...:)

Below is the simple picture I draw to explain what is the meaning of looking into the past or into the distance within our 3D Universe.

This picture was created to explain how to calculate the real age of the Universe using my proposed topology and the appropriate Hubble Law in the Pioneer Anomaly posting

Remember that we are actually looking into the past through a 4D Spatial Manifold... Also notice that light always travels along the 45 degrees direction (the shockwave is also traveling at the speed of light).

Of course, the external hypersphere is running away from the internal sphere with an speed that reaches the speed of light when the internal sphere is just a point..:)

This means that the radiation emanating from that initial 4D point has zero frequency (DC). Any radiation traveling from a slighter period would be in the microwaves, later in the visible etc...:)

Under these conditions, there is no need of thermal equilibration in an attosecond. Gamma radiation is emitted as Gamma Radiation. The observer on Earth will see it as microwaves due to the well known Doppler Effect. THIS IS A PHYSICAL THEORY. No slight of hands, no unproven relationship between exoteric non-observable (Edge of The Universe, Size of The Universe), infinitely fast matter-radiation Thermal equilibrium...etc.

Due to the symmetry of the topology, any place is the Center of The Universe. For the Narcisistic Scientist this is the Ultimate Paradigm..>:)


Here everyone is happy ... you are always at the Center of the Universe... :) no matter where you are...

I think I ranted enough about that simple and imprecise paragraph.

I would like to thank the Vedic Astrologist for the opportunity to clarify my problems with Inflation Theory and to show how my much simpler explanation explains the events as well or better than the competition..:)



PS- I would love to have scientists to pose their opinions in an up-front manner - without hiding behind the Vedic Philosophy...:) I presented a counter argument based upon my theory, which is the subject of this blog. If one presents an argument supporting another theory and I am kind enough to post it and debate it here, I would expect to receive back a correction to my counter-argument and a critique of how I use my topology to explain the same events (Big Bang).

I am looking forward to that..>:)
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