The Man Who Knew Too Much...:)


The Man Who Knew Too Much...:)

I am in the midst of trying to get my paper posted at the Los Alamos ArXives again...:) As you might know by now, I will not give up...:)
I am not that kind of person...:)

Los Alamos ArXives is a very demanding site. It requires among other things, academic affiliation...:) Einstein wouldn't be able to post his Relativity Theory there...:) He was a lowly patent officer without absolutely any clout with the academia of his days...:)

It was an extremely unlikely event that Einstein, of all people, would come up with any new ideas that other people hadn't already thought...:) After all, all the brilliant thoughts are always thought by the people or classes of people we consider brilliant...:) - we are never surprised...:)
It would be a sin for someone to say that I am smarter than Einstein, Newton and Feynman..:) just because I corrected their work...:) That is wrong...:) I was able to correct their work just because they were able and corageous enough to present their ideas..>:)

If you don't have any ideas, you will never be corrected...:)

There is another reason... Different people will come up with different perspectives on a problem. That is why it is always a good idea to tackle a problem in a group effort...Let's say that, we all think about Physics and deposit our ideas in a depository...:) The best ideas will survive...:)

Today I spoke with someone I admire...:) A man of numbers... one could say, A Man Who Knew Too Much...:) - in fact, He Knows a lot...:)

He mentioned that the probability that I would succeed where Einstein and Feynman failed is very, very, very small...:) - He knows probability..>:)

What is the probability that I could outsmart Einstein, Newton, Feynman and everyone else...:) Nill... Zilch..... :) I agree... Zero Probability...:) I am just a little guy...:) I would be happy if I were allowed to make a small contribution to science..

It is not important if I am proven wrong..:) Bring the tar and feathers...:) I can take some humiliation... I am a humble guy...:) The caveat is that you first have to prove me wrong...:) or at least understand my theory...

Sometimes, I make strong statements just to see if I can engage someone in an intelligent discussion... :) I have many readers but they are very shy...:)
Precluding Einstein from publishing his work would had been a shame. A few years delay on the publication of Einstein's work might had resulted in a totally different world. Possibly the story of atomic power would be very different...

As I mentioned in the Importance of Physics, ideas are extremenly important.

That is the reason why I can not understand the barriers posed by Los Alamos to my ideas. They are very simple. Simple formalism. Conceptually they might be straining...:) and most formalists cannot think properly, but even they should be able to perceive the wealth of fresh new ideas contained in my theory.

It is not important that the theory be correct or experimentally verified. Ideas like the way I match all particles (Hyperons, isotopes) as a combination of a few transmutation notes and variations of the fundamental dilator are valuable.

This hasn't been done before. I proposed that a Proton and an Electron are the same dilator (metric deformational coherence) while allowing for different 3D Masses...:)

This is a major hindrance to any thinking on Unification...:) If you can make the Electron and the Proton to be the same, the mystery of mass disappears... or conversely, the mystery of Charge disappears... (if you so prefer)...

The proposal of a Fundamental Dilator also creates the basis for pseudo-time quantization- a quantum mechanics hidden variable..>:) Pseudo-time quantization means that the 3D Universe (a 4D Shock Wave traveling at the speed of light) steps through R in de Broglie steps equal to the Compton wavelength of one atomic mass unit particle..:) At each step, every dilator moves by a little... Since there is no preferred orientation of the 3D axes with respect to the Radial direction, that small step can be in any direction, creating a wavelike propagation...:)

From this little paragraph you can see how the theory brings about Quantum Mechanics. The Hyperon family dilator assignment completly replaces the Standard Model... You might ask... where are those funky particles?....:)

You can create any funky particle and calculate its mass and lifetime with simple math. Trivial stuff. Not all funky dilator coherences are interesting. Their lifetime depends upon how much strain one creates on the Fabric of Space. The higher the strain, the shorter the lifetime.

The theory has two angles and a 3D radius associated with the 3D helicity of complex chords. Since each hyperon and isotope has the two transmutation notes angles and a 3D moment of inertia, one can calculate the strain and map it to the particle lifetime.

I will return to this soon.

Despite of my friend telling me that the probability is just toooooo small that I could be right...thus it might be a waste of time for him to think about my problems and theory...:) (the last conclusion is mine...:) I am almost a hundred percent sure that I am bringing a new perspective... right or wrong... New ideas should be given a chance...

There is just too much at risk not to give it a chance...:)



PS- I am a taxpayer and am paying for the darn hard drive (used by Los Alamos ArXives..:)
If there is a charitable soul among my readers (who also publish at the Los Alamos ArXives), I would appreciate if you would endorse my publication.
I might as well do some begging... The End is Near for my time of begging... Pretty soon, the theory will be published in two new books. One of my own and another a result of a collaboration...:)

There is a God..>:)


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