The Sam Wormley Challenge


The Sam Wormley Challenge
Please check the Sam Wormley Challenge, named after the great scientist Sam Wormley...:)

Sam Wormley Challenge
I learned a long time ago that if you are at fault (partially or totally) there will always be someone to point his/her finger at you and call you an idiot..:)
Even if you are not at fault, there will be plenty of people to tell you that you are wrong and call you an idiot too....>:)
On the other hand, there will never be a single person to come along and tell you that you are right...:)  Almost never...
History tells us of a few great men (Giordano Bruno, Galileo, Nicholas de Cues...) who took chances to bring back or set forth his or someone else's great ideas.  In the past I called for my Giordano Bruno, someone who would provide some support to my ideas and help me overcome the narrow mindedness of editors or the Evil Nature of Paul Ginsparg..:)  
Paul is in charge of the de facto depository of all things Physics (the Los Alamos Arxives) and it is the only place I believe I can deposit the 84 pages paper containing my theory..:)  There might be others, but they do not have the distribution capability and normally are even less prone to take a leadership position on the propagation of new ideas...
On the other hand, in the Los Alamos arxives it seems that anyone in academia can publish any crappy speculation..:)  e.g. the universe is the result of a collision of m-branes..:)  how one can create universes in laboratory...;)  given this Lagrangian or metric, the universe would be like this or that...:)  Just unbelievable...:)
I mentioned Evil Nature...:) since he seems to have a sixth sense for censoring good stuff...:)  I managed to pay to get someone (a nuclear physicst to criticize my work - although he wasn't the most reasonable or reputable nuclear physicist), the work was endorsed (by someone else to whom I paid nothing...:) ) and had my paper accepted for publication at the Los Alamos Arxives..:)
You've just been endorsed to submit papers to the arXiv archive hep-th (High Energy Physics - Theory). Visit to submit papers. Endorsement is a necessary but not a sufficient condition to have papers accepted in arXiv; arXiv reserves the right to reject or reclassify any submission. 
In the nick of time, Paul came through and deemed my work INAPPROPRIATE
At the time, I ranted against the inappropriatedness of this right to reject or reclassify any submission.  Of course, there should be some guidance on what can be published, but rejection should only be done with a reason, otherwise the system becomes fraught with arbitrariness...:) unreasonably dictatorial or just something that is owned by someone (Paul Ginsparg) to be used at his whims.
Of course, the reason should be provided ...:) to the poor sucker who is trying to help us with new ideas or new formalisms or new applications of old ideas...etc...
Science is a collaborative effort.  We know more now because ideas were shared.  This is too important to leave to the whims of someone...:)
Coming back to my hope for a Giordano Bruno, a champion of my ideas...:)  Everyday, I see people from Los Alamos, Berkeley, Princeton, MIT come to my site and read my blog...:)
Today, some brilliant scientist from Laurence Livermore stopped his work just to read my ranting...:) I am honored.   
I would like these people to manifest themselves in the form of criticism.  There should be some doubt, lack of understanding of aspects or derivations in this theory that precludes them from shooting an email to Paul Ginsparg and demand, advice or request that my little pdf to be included in the Los Alamos depository...:) thus I would happily settle by stinging criticism...(rationally science-based criticism... just calling me names will not do...:)
It would make discussions of my ideas and their improvement much easier.  Now-a-days the unavailability of it makes their discussion forbidden...:)  You know... if these ideas are deemed INAPPROPRIATE in the past, most likely it is still INAPPROPRIATE to discuss them in the present...  God forbid to try to publish a paper with references to a derided and shadowy branch of Physics named The Hypergeometrical Universe>>:)
I need some big wig to stand tall..:) first stand up..:) and take a position...
It is easy to understand why this is so difficult, we (scientists) actually descend from Chickens...:)  Some of us, still have feathers others have no eggs (huevos)..>:)
Double-click this link to find out more about censorship of this theory..>:)

I've just started a scientific brawl...:)  the only thing missing is myself calling your mother fat..:)
Of course, it is easy for me to say this...:)  
See what the poor Sam Wormley had to say when I rebutted his criticism and requested a real one: 
Sam Wormley  
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   Why do my responses matter to you? 
One can hear his voice cracking with fear when he asked me that quetion...  Of course, not fear of myself but of Paul Ginsparg...:)
I am already Black Listed by Paul Ginsparg and don't care......:) If you are a professional scientist being blacklisted by him is the kiss of death...:) for obvious reasons...
I don't know what kind of advice I can give you.  The only thing I know is that great ideas will survive (maybe in the form of a papyrus or in a pdf in a usb drive...:)...  Some day, in the distance future someone will crack open that pdf and find out that there was a real understanding of the universe but it failed to make a difference in the small minds of our gate keepers.
In a more hopeful note, there is a few things I have to do before the end of this work:
  1. Solve the Precession of Mercury Perihelion using the Hypergeometrical Gravitation Equation - This is obviously feasible since the Sun would pull Mercury towards itself more in the first half of the trajectory than it would slow it down on the second half .
  2. Provide the mass calculation of all hyperons and isotopes...:)  That is also trivial.
  3. Tell you how to make a Fabric of Space accelerator.
  4. Tell you how to create propulsion for space travel and the manner to shield gravitation
  5. Maybe calculate a few new materials (island of equilibrium in the periodic table)
Other things like the Entropy of a Cylindrical Black Hole, I would like to someone else who might be interested in those things...:)
I don't have that much time and would appreciate if some of the scientists who bother to read my theory were to stand up and criticize it such that I can defend it publicly.  If you cannot muster any bit of criticism, please feel free to say it so...:)
Support would make a tremendous difference... Don't be afraid of Paul Ginsparg...  If this theory is correct and it is, his reign of fear should soon disappear...:)
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