The Silence of The Lambs


The Silence of The Lambs..:)

This blog is about to reach its 9000 unique IP readers...:) Hurray!!!!

I didn't know there were so many cosmologists, string theorists, particle physicists in the planet...:)

There are many reasons to celebrate...

The theory has been published in two books:

  • Quantization in Astrophysics - containing the Grand Unification and New Cosmology Paradigm
  • Hadron Physics New Energy Issues - Containing the Hypergeometrical Standard Model

not that bad for something created in the everyday commuting to work (on a shaking NYC subway..>:)

and also the following crowning achievements...:)

  1. I corrected Newton's equations by eliminating all non-geometrical elements of Classical Mechanics.
  2. I kept the theory relativistic despite of introducing Absolute Time and a Preferential Frame of Reference or at least a preferential direction of reference (R).
  3. Somehow, it seems that I introduced a geometrical interpretation of Lorentz transforms of all things... I did not hear any angry relativistic cosmologists telling me otherwise...which is a surprise... I thought everyone knew that Lorentz transform is a rotation by an imaginary angle...
  4. I introduced a new model for matter... the first non-obvious model. Up to know things were waves, particles or particle-waves...:) The dilator is a wavegenerator that flows like a wave...:)
  5. The Humble Fundamental Dilator shows how a proton and an electron are the same entity and have the same 4D Mass, thus simplifying tremendously the understanding and unification of the Universe.
  6. The Humble Fundamental Dilator is also the hidden variable Einstein tried throoughout his whole life to find. The entity that creates Quantum Mechanics.
  7. I challenged the concept of Field and showed that implicit in it is the existence of a Cosmological Coherence (all dilators in the Universe dilate in synch with their local dilaton fields). Synchronization is evident using absolute time (in the RXYZ frame).
    I Grand Unified all the Forces (Gravitation and Electromagnetism) while providing a replacement for the Gluon-Quark paradigm (the dilator itself) and for the Electroweak force (the advent of nonlinear hadronics)...
  8. In replacing the Gluon-Quark paradigm I modified the symmetry requirements for a Grand Unification or Supersymmetry Theory. The pesky Reciprocal Symmetry is eliminated and with that the need that everything very slow to have the same energy as everything very fast...:) This is an outrageous symmetry... Physicist should be kissing my ring for eliminating such nasty constraint....:)
  9. I proposed the solution for all energy problems in the shape of fusion reactors while produce fusion (or fission) products along a single direction (or cone)...:) Energy is readily extracted through magneto-hydrodynamics means... Charged products make up powerful currents to be slowed down by reversed accelerators...:)
  10. I proposed a now topology for the Cosmos...:) which eliminates the need for Einstein Cosmological Constant, dark energy, inflation... This at a time when inflationary people are adjusting their parameters to explain the whole chimichanga...:) Very unfortunate...:) At least at this time, I would love to say Ockham's Razor... People have already readied their acceptance speeches for the Nobel Ceremony...:) Horrible situation...:)
  11. In creating this new topology, I explained why the speed of light is the limiting speed in our Fabric of Space..(3D Universe)...
  12. I acknowledged that in fact things can move faster than the speed of light by traveling (surfing) along an interference pattern...:) This might be someday used to create superluminal traveling when people learn how to pattern dilaton fields...:) or die waiting to ride a Tachyon driven spacecraft...:)
  13. I provided the equations to Cosmological Constants (vacuum permittivity and magnetic susceptibility).
  14. I also showed that the Gravitational Constant is not constant and scaled down with the inverse of the age of the Universe....:) Earlier times had stronger Gravitational fields..>:)
  15. The Gravitational "constant" dependence provides the blueprint for the demise of the Universe...:) The relaxation of the dilators... A totally new Cosmogony..>:)
  16. I provided an alternative explanation for the Action-At-Distance paradox which bothered Einstein so much and that is the basis for a total delusional state of mind where people throw their hands up and accept anything..:) from time travel to time traveling backwards in Black Holes ... to Black Holes...:)
  17. I also provided an alternative explanation for the Double Slit Experiment. In my theory, dilators (electron included) travel on a four dimensional space at the center of a horospherical reference frame. The waves it creates are the same it surfs, that is, the electron surfs a four-dimensional wave (dilaton field) and by simple projection, it also surfs the 3D projection (de Broglie waves). This means that the de Broglie wave is not a matter wave. Instead, it is a metric deformation wave created by the dilator. The much larger wavelength is due to the way things are projected in an hyperbolic space... The electron in the two slit experiment will travel through a single slit while its dilaton field projection will travel through both...:) On the other side of the barrier, the electron will continue to surf the interferometric dilaton fields and thus will deposit itself on an interferometric pattern onto the detector..:) Very simple and again I would love to say, Ockham's Razor... despite my qualms about its usage...:)
  18. I provided a simple multi-coherence (dilator dimensional chords) description for each and every hyperon and isotope (isotopes are trivial since they only have protons and neutrons)...: )
  19. I provided an alternative solution to the mass paradigm by assigning it to an overlapping 4D volume (dilator overlapping with the fabric of space at specific phases of the dilator spinning).
  20. I created an extrinsic representation for the Spin.... that obscure quantity that bothered so many quantum physics students for so long...:) and explained What the Hell is the meaning of 1/2 ... as you might know rotation description does not include any quadratic potential and thus there isn't any zero point rotation....:) It was always a bothering 1/2 to me...:)
  21. In making Spin extrinsic, I introduced the delightful Girlfriend on a Swing Gedanken Experiment to show how time could be Pseudo-Quantized..>:)
  22. I corrected all Newton's equations (Four of them) and provided the really relativistic Biot-Savart law. That law can be used to project better Tokamaks if that is the way one wants to proceed.
  23. Einstein also got his share...:) In creating an Absolute Time and explaining the meaning of inertia, I rebutted Mach's principle of nonlocal interaction and restored Newton's Absolute Time..>:) which times the existence of the Universe as opposed to our short existence...:)
  24. I did all this by looking into what people did right and throwing away without fear what people did wrong...:) That was easy since I don't have to write this as a grant to my reactionary peers..:)
  25. Most of all, I told you that the most important outlet for Physics - The Cornell-Los Alamos E-Print Repository should be in the hands of someone more capable than Paul Ginsparg. It is a shame Science can be silenced by arbitrary actions of a single person...:)

I also pleaded for my Lambs not to remain silent and to speak up their minds. I value criticism and would be happy to post any one of your meaningful comments. I know that in those nine thousand readers many are scientists (professional scientists).

What I expect from them is either a statement telling me that I made a mistake here or there or some active action against the barriers that precluded a more wider distribution of this theory, namely, to request, demand that my theory receives a 1 megabyte space on the Cornell-Los Alamos E-Print Repository hard drive..:) NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK...:)

I've fulfilled all the requirements to post the theory there... (already peer-reviewed, published work that has been endorsed)...:)

Double-click the Bird below to find out more..>:)

I would welcome anyone to take the initiative to publish my paper on the Cornell-Los Alamos Arxives. :)

The pdf is here. This is a shorter version of the theory. Just below 1 megabyte length. It was accepted and endorsed the last time I attempted posting it there.

As I mentioned, I would be eternally grateful to anyone (My Giordano Bruno) that would bring this work to a wider audience through posting it at the Arxives or through forwarding this blog link or the pdfs to other people...

Considering that this theory provides a new paradigm for Coherent Nuclear Fusion, the planet you might save might be yours...:)

Feynman wouldn't blink in face of this challenge...:)

The current version of the work is here.

I know that if you do so, Paul Ginsparg might place you on his blacklist. I know that I am not a professional scientist any longer..:) I know it all....

I also know the VALUE OF IDEAS and that they are worth fighting for. I don't expect any thing less from a scientist (professional or not)...

Just think, "What would Richard P. Feynman do????"

Poets say science takes away from the beauty of the stars - mere globs of gas atoms. I, too, can see the stars on a desert night, and feel them. But do I see less or more? Richard P. Feynman

Don't make me explain analogies:

  • Poets - String Theorist, Supersymmetrists...Gauge Physicists...:)
  • the Beauty of the Stars - The Beauty of Weyl Fermions, Higgs, Bosons, Dirac Matrices, etc...
  • Mere globs of gas atoms - My humble and simple theory
  • Feynman - The little me...



PS_I wonder if my friends from the Laser Laboratory at UofR or at the Fermi Lab are reading the changes in paradigm for nuclear fusion....:) I once told Professor Huizenga while attending a party at his house, that I knew how to make a Gamma Ray laser... He looked very surprised and most likely somewhat amused..>:)

I am sure that in his mind briefly passed those concerns about the problems pumping an ultrafast decaying nuclear transition, etc... As usual, people can only think within the paradigms they lived by...I wasn't able to create any interest in that brief interaction...:)

I told the same thing to Gary Holton many years ago... Life is full of hits and misses...As usual , I would love to hear from my friends at UPenn, Princeton, Berkeley, UofChicago..>:) CERN, Steven Hawking comes to mind, the 5Dimension Centre, USAF, Whiteman Airforce Base, The Institute for Advanced Studies, well, the Devil Himself (I mean, Paul Ginsparg).....>:)

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