The Stroboscopic Universe


The Stroboscopic Universe

This blog is the continuation of a discussion about the Hypergeometrical Universe. It contains references that can be also understood by reading the blog:

Anything essential is invisible to the eyes...

The discussion focus on two aspects of my theory:

  • THe stroboscopic aspects of the Unviverse due to dilaton interaction dependence upon its overlap with the 3D shockwave lighspeed expanding universe, hence the stroboscopic character of interactions.
  • Discussion on where the Universe is embedded. In my theory, the 3D shockwave universe is clearly embedded within a 4D Spatial Cartesian manifold, no ifs or buts.

Let review the debate:




Thankyou for your thoughtful reply. I'm not trying to be argumentative but I really can't understand how you can espouse such an incomplete theory.

Try to think of your light speed expanding universe as a point in the middle of a room. If you realize that the universe only appears to us to be large, you will then realize that we do not really have any actual size. This point in a room represents reality to you, our entire universe. The room itself requires an explanation, not just the contents.

You are right about your reference to solipsism. It turns the room inside out and our universe becomes a globe we are within and solves the container conundrum.

The reference to the strobe has no merit because we are fully capable of seeing anything we can comprehend.


Thanks for the reply. Don't worry about being perceived as argumentative. Any theory worth being read should be debated.

With respect to incompleteness, it is clear that you don't have a good grasp of Cosmology. No theory other than mine provides a solution to the problem of Universe embedding.

Where is the Universe embedded? The currently model of the Universe states that the Universe is still expanding. In the current perception, space is being created at the edge of "reality"...:) I consider this quite incomplete but widely accepted, thus your comment about espousing such an incomplete theory is quite incorrect and lacks perspective.

In my case, our 3D Universe embedding has a simple answer (infinite and empty Cartesian space)…

Remember that mine is a homogeneous 5D Spacetime Universe. Matter is just deformed space, thus the embedding question doesn’t even make sense as it does in an universe full of matter (where mass is a concept different from space).

The second comment on your comment is about your recasting of the topology I proposed for the Universe. Instead of shedding light on a new reasoning, it shows that you did not understand the proposed topology.I would never propose that we live in a point... of course, under those conditions we wouldn't have any dimensionality (actual size). This is a totally detached analogy from the original model and it is a very bad analogy. Just stay with the hyperspherical lightspeed expanding 3D Universe if you can understand that. Don't make things incorrect by proposing your "simplifying" analogy.

Hence your paradoxes wouldn’t exist if you had used my proposed topology.

With respect to the containing space, I mentioned that I am agnostic with the existence of an infinite or finite (and expanding) cartesian space. I mentioned that that space is real as you are since everything in the Universe is made of space (including matter, stars, etc..)

You are an electronic engineer…:) thus you should be familiar with the fact that currently a electron is different from a proton.

You stated bravely that “The reference to the strobe has no merit because we are fully capable of seeing anything we can comprehend.”

Well, I used the Fundamental Dilator (which states that a proton and an electron are different phases of the same coherence) to unify all forces of nature and that support the initial hypothesis that the Proton and Electron are phases of the Fundamental Dilator Coherence.

This proves that you are not fully capable of seeing anything (different phases of the fundamental dilator) we can comprehend… unless you are considering that you cannot comprehend the Fundamental Dilator Paradigm.
In any debate, the parties should show that they understand what they are debating; otherwise the exchange will not make sense.

Please make sure you understand the Fundamental Dilator and the Hyperspherical topology proposed for the 3D Universe.

Follow the links to read about:
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