The Whole Universe and a Grain of Sand


The Whole Universe and a Grain of Sand

Normally, I wouldn't bother to juxtapose my ideas against the accepted mainstream Science.  This time, I found this show and it states such stupid ideas that I had to do it.

This show is well done, nice pictures, smiling scientists..... as opposed to my crude postings, so I will do the best I can.

The point I would like to make is the problem associated with a 3D spatial Universe and the Grain of Sand comment.  The curvature of the Universe, according to General Relativity, depends upon the mass it contains.

Since in the mainstream Science there is no fourth non-compact spatial dimension as in the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory, when one talks about curvature, one is always conjecturing about a spacetime curvature.

Depending upon the Universe mass content, the spacetime curvature would be concave, convex or flat (positive or negative or zero).

In a simple manner, a convex spacetime wouldn't have a cycle, that is, the Universe would follow a never returning life path.  Since it has a start - a Big Bang - it would just expand eternally. Conversely, a concave spacetime would indicate a boom and crunch 3D periodic Universe, like if the total mass of the Universe would generate enough gravitational pull to decelerate all the Galaxies and collapse them into a Big Crunch.

The difference between one and the other Universe scenarios lies just on one extra Grain of Sand...:)

If I had conjured up a theory which had such level of criticality, I would be strongly suspicious that I made a silly mistake somewhere.

That should be enough to make any reasonable person to realize that something is amiss...

My theory includes a fourth spatial dimension and keep our 3D Universe in a light-speed expanding hyperspherical hypersurface.  Hence, the curvature can be either a spacetime curvature or a spatial curvature of the Hypersurface within the 4D spatial manifold.  This curvature increases as time goes by no matter what is the distribution of mass within the 3D Hypersurface.  The hyperspherical symmetry makes any point of the hypersphere to be equivalent, so there is no locus of the Big Bang to create a Big Crunch some time later.

The light-speeding expanding hyperspherical universe provides the flat curvature as a given.  The curvature is the age of the Universe times SpeedOfLight, that is a very large radius of curvature and thus a very small curvature.  Expansion occurs without the need of Dark Energy.  Prior Eras had a gravitational force that is stronger according to the inverse 4D radius of the Hypersphere, so looking into far away (the past) one has to take that into consideration when calculating mass (this should eliminate the need for Dark Matter altogether.

Using this simple Cosmological Topology there is no Proof of God's Existence from an extra Grain of Sand or Grain of Salt..>:)... No mesmerizing Cosmological Accident or Feat of God's Engineering...:)
There is no need to invoke a Multiverse nor the Circular Reasoning of the Anthropic Principle where the reason we think about this because this Universe allows us to think about this...:)  This creates a natural filter on the Multiverse.  In all the Universes where we don't exist, we don't ask these profound questions about it Laws.

This is, for me, an example of the utter vanity that prevails in the minds of these scientists and the vanity used to sell ideas to the general public. Not unlike the Comment "Subtle is the Lord", "I want to read God's Mind", or Seeing the Hand of God in a particle collision...:)

Human Vanity is used over and over again to sell shoes, cars, particle accelerators, String Theory, and to give some scientists a bully pulpit...:)

My theory is a simple, humble theory  :), but it should be discussed since the alternatives are really, really stupid.  Well, if not stupid, just plain unnecessarily complex, not unlike the original primitive model of a Flat Earth and a Dome full of Twinkling Stars..:) where all the complexity is hidden in a Almighty God...:)



ps- by the way, String Theory has been disregarded as a solution to this "Puzzle" because given enough parameters it can be the solution of anything.

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