Tired Photons


Tired Photons and the Universe Distribution of Mass

It turn out that a long time ago (1992), Professor Assis proposed a Tired Photon Theory to explain the Cosmological Red Shift. This is a revision of the quantization of a photon energy such that one can recover the Unlimited and Steady Universe that Einstein and others consider to be the correct Universe.

I have extremely strong objections to this model, specially starting with Equation (1), the Bouguer's Law (A.K.A. Beer's Law)where the energy of a Photon (any photon, any wavelength) decays according to an exponential decay law.

The problem one has with that is that energy is not conserved, since the energy that migrates from a higher wavelength to a lower wavelenght is not conserved.

That is itself is outrageous. The second problem I have is that when I tried to ask theoreticians whose theories hinges on such weak hypothesis, I did not obtained an answer to the following question:
"If current large scale Universe mass distribution is approximatelly uniform, moving from a linear mapping between red shift and distance to an exponenial mapping would result in our planet, galaxy to be on the top of a heap of galaxies. The Center of The Universe"
I have trouble whenever a theory tells me that I am the center of the Universe. My theory is the only one that can say that..:) But in my theory, we are not at the center of mass of the Universe.

Not to mention the obervation of Blasars. If there was a remapping of the red shift, those Blasars would be much closer and I supposed I wouldn't be writing this blog any longer. This is a qualitative statement, but it should be addressed, since the Blasar (a quasar whose Gamma Ray Jets are lined-up directly towards Earth) is captured (on a detector..:) ) for its Gamma Ray emission. That emissions was also supposed to be red-shifted from its distance using the exponential red-shifting.

Bythe way, my theory has no problem explaining how a Blasar very far alway emits Gamma Rays and how an event at the beginning of times (this time cycle) is totally red shifted into microwaves. It turns out that any event very close to the Big Bang is traveling away from us the speed of light. Anything that is half a way there (say 7.5 billion ligth years away) is just traveling at half the speed of light...Doppler shifting is quite sensitive to the speed of the source..:)

In summary, if the observed large scale mass distribution is more or less even, then changing the red-shift versus distance mapping from linear (Hubble) to exponential (Tired Photon)will imply that we are the The Ones..>:)

ECE theory (Cosmological Anomalies - EH Versus ECE Field Theory) tries to make a point that the Universe is uniform, static. Not unlike Barack Obama, I denounce the Tired Photon Hypothesis.


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