Under the Night Sky


Under the Night Sky

In the last few days, I had to revisit my feelings about the creation of my theory. I have to say that despite of my own personal emotional investment on the idea, I always keep enough distance that I can say that this is a nice and simple idea that should be part of the discussion.

 I would never state that this is a theory of the 23rd Century that made landing on our 20th Century minds as some people from String Theory have said…J Just to be part of the discussion is a good target. Not because this is the most complex theory… but because this is the simplest theory and should be addressed.

As those obnoxious people say, Occam's razor. 

Before we address the reasons why everything failed (before they explained why the failures were to be expected..:) in the current theory (the detection of quarks, quantum chromodynamics color charges etc), we should consider the simplest theory we can create that equally explains reality.

 That said, I believe that myself and other crackpots from the internet (J), assorted String Theorists, Higgs Bosonists etc have in common the moment of discovery. We were all struck by some vision that requires a sizable amount of attention and the sacrifice of months, years of continuous thinking, always trying not to lose the thread of thought. Not unlike the thread in the Minotaur Cave Allegory, this is thread of thought that might bring a new level of understanding on the Wonders of the Universe, which would also bring us into the light.

 Every time I think about why I am trying to do what I am trying to do, I remember of our (Mankind) trajectory… From our days inside caves, marveled by the stars in the sky (always the same sky as the one in the picture), gullible enough to believe that the Sun is the Eye of a God, in fact that everything worked by Magic of some sort.

Scared, afraid of their own shadows, curious little monkeys…J That curiosity brought us far in a short period of time… extremely brief considering that those stars above have barely moved…

We might not even last long enough to leave any mark whatsoever in this Universe, but that shouldn't stop us from trying. Despite of our disagreements on theoretical basis or merits of any theory, we all are driven by the best emotions (least selfish) that Mankind is capable.

One cannot envision how the Universe works and not know one's place in it. Nothing more than a handful of Star Dust that strived to look up into the sky and wondered about both The Why and The How.


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