Verbum Significatium


Verbum Significatium

It is no Ancient Secret that I enjoyed reading Dan Brown's Angels and Deamons. I rarely read fiction but I was smitten by the subject - a scientific plot within the surroundings of Castelo di Sant'Angelo.

Many of my previous blogs contain references to the Illuminati...:) an humorous take on the Wisdom of the Ancients. I am not someone who believes in the Wisdom of the Ancients, although considering how simple my theory is, it wouldn't surprise me if Ancient Wise people had a glimpse of it.

Knowledge doesn't evolve in straight lines - over long periods of time. This statement looks odd if considered within our short-lived technological framework where new technologies are derived from previous ones. The statement becomes meaningful if one add a longer time frame. Our technology/science will develop in short straight lines with bottlenecks. At these instances, noise will take over until a breakthrough coming from nowhere will make itself felt.

This is where my theory fits in. To a high degree my theory could had been discovered by ancients. I mentioned in several postings similarities between my intermittently interacting Universe and Diana,
the Goddess-Huntress seeking knowledge in the forest of Silva.

The goddess Diana, the huntress, as a model for the searching human soul. In the Forest, his Diana sought out of tracks or traces, literally footprints, vestigia, of God’s divine light.

Plato is an ever inspiring Ancient Sage.

Plato asserts to this in the third book of the Laws, when he teaches that one should track down musical harmonies in the manner of experienced dogs.

If you replace dogs by detectors and musical harmonies by dilatons...:)

His description of the enlightenment process resonates with my experience, facing deeply rooted interests - some defenseable others unconfessable - in trying to bring about a new paradigm or view of the Universe.

Other abundantly mentioned wisdom (As Above as Below, As in Heaven so in Earth) were also mentioned:

Explained Trice Great Hermes Trimegistus' hermetic philosophy on On the Sphaere One and On the Sphaere Two

In fact, it turned out to be more than pattern recognition. Closer reading of Giordano Bruno's ideas about the Universe clearly indicates that he saw it according to the topology expressed by Hermes Trimegistus saying, and repeated by Saint Augustine and Nicholas de Kues :

"the center was everywhere and the circunference nowhere"

Of course, this is exactly what happens to the 3D Universe when understood through my theory. If you think, how could Hermes Trice Great (Trimegistus) come up with the Hypersperical Topology many millenia ago...:)

In my theory you are always at the center of your Universe...:) no matter where you are...:) The center is everywhere --- the circunference is nowhere (since we are bound to the 3D lightspeed expanding hyperspherical Universe and cannot see anything perpendicular to it... :)

In fact, we can see the four-dimensional center of the Universe if we look far away in any direction...:) we can see it with the eye of the mind..:) that is, by understanding that far away in any direction maps directly to the center and thus maps the radius of the circumference...:)

Hidden in plain view as any true and deep wisdom...:)

Now lets see what new pieces of wisdom can be mapped to the Hypergeometrical Universe paradigm. The first that comes to mind is the Circumpunct...which has many meanings, being the most esoteric: the Rose, A.K.A. God...:)

You might notice some similarities between the Rose and my Hypergeometrical Universe topology...:)

Dan Brown research was able to uncover the Rosecrucian symbol shown below:

where you can see a Rose (the Circumpunct) overlaying a Croux. I am not saying that the Rosecrucians worship an long forgotten Universe topology but I am also not saying otherwise...:)

The Complete Rosecrucian symbol, long forgotten in the sands of time but recovered by my research, is shown below:

which contains one Rose for each of the six faces of the Croux.

Of course, when closed, the Complete Rosecrucian symbol represents the Circumpunct symmetry of the Universe, where in any direction, its cross-section is always a Circumpunct...:)

Below is a representation of the Cosmic Cube, representing the Hypergeometrical Universe Paradigm..:) and a shy 33rd degree Rosecrucian:

In addition to concatenating all knowledge of the Ancients with my theory, I was also able to recover a nice Riddle wrapped around a Puzzle...:) from the Ancients ...:)

The first one to solve it will learn a great piece of Ancient Wisdom..>:)

Cheers, Happy New Year!


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