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Another interesting question:

What I would like to understand is the relation between the dilaton and torsion in your theory, in mine plays an essential role all throughout?

By referring to the relationship between the Fabric of Space torsion and the imense power associated with its release as A Story Full of Sound and Fury...:) I don't mean that I am the idiot that is telling that tale...:) at least not the idiot...:) I might be telling the tale...:)

I am emphasizing the sillyness of what we consider cataclysmic events within our 3D Universe. In the 5D Spacetime all that Sound and Fury are just waves imprinted onto another wave (the Shochwave Universe).

Below is my answer to the relationship between Torsion of the Fabric of Space and Nuclear Energy..:) I hope you will enjoy and send me your comments.


The torsion of the Fabric of Space is where the nuclear energy is stored. I recasted Newton’s First Law and explain inertial motion as a relaxation process of the local Fabric of Space deformation.

This means that nuclear energy is basically stored as virtual kinetic energy.
I created a few blogs, some about the fundamental dilator and other about the Silver Surfer…:) The analogy of inertial motion as being the lateral motion of a Surfer (the Silver Surfer) is not perfect since there isn’t Gravity to make the surfboard to slide down the wave. It is almost perfect in the sense that the relaxation process obeys Hubble Law and the natural wave propagation in a 4D spatial manifold.

Most of the time I talk about the RXYZ cross-section. The same occurs in the TauXYZ cross-section although the perceived relative passage of proper time and relative distance traveled is subject to Lorentz transforms between inertial reference frames as they should be in Strict Relativity.

I tried to emphasize that Lorentz transformation and hyperbolic projections are artifacts due to the way Newton’s Laws were created. If they started with my Quantum Lagrangian Principle to guide dilator kinematics, lightspeed asymptotic saturation would come naturally. The concept of force would also not exist.

Everything comes naturally if one recasts Newton’s Second Law as a Stress/Strain relationship as opposed to Mass, Force and Acceleration relationship… This is a purely geometrical theory and Mass is recasted as a 4D displacement volume .

Now returning to torsion.

The first thing I did in my theory is to restart analyzing what is the goal of science. Kinematics, Quantum Mechanics etc has the ultimate goal of understanding how things move when they interact with each other.

Now-a-days we dressed that problem with the concept of force, mass. I decided to start with waves/dilators and a Quantum Lagrangian Principle. The Principle is simple and it is the basic minimization of the work done by constraint forces (in this case, the hyperspherical shock wave universe). The dilators are said to only dilate in phase with the surrounding dilaton field (that is the dilatons from other dilators). This assures that its waves will always be generated in phase with the rest of the Universe, thus the concept of Cosmological Coherence.

This assures a lossless dilaton propagation… Gravitation is lossless…. In fact, the dilaton field is always lossless due to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle...

The Quantum aspect is a result of the fundamental dilator model for matter. Both proton and electron (and their antiparticles) are represented as phases in a coherence between two states of deformation of a four dimensional spinning double potential well.

The dilator is considered to be a thin (very thin along the dimension R – perpendicular to XYZ). This means that as soon as it start a rotation (spinning) its overlap with the three dimensional universe vanishes (almost). This overlap is the amount of the Fabric of Space that has to be twisted for the dilator/dilaton duality wavevector to change direction. Due to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle, one can talk about the maxima of a dilaton field near a dilator as being the same as the trajectory of the said dilator. This is dualism, but not in the sense of particle wave dualism…:)

The dilator has a physical meaning and the wave (dilaton) has another. They affect each other. The closest maximum to a R traveling dilator depends upon that dilator field and the position of the dilator in the next de Broglie step of the Hyperspherical Universe depends upon the resulting dilaton field.

This means that the dilator surfs the dilaton field while helping creating it.

This is my explanation for the double slit experiment. The dilator (electron) passes through a single slit at a time, the dilaton field passes through both. After passing the slit, that electron will continue surfing the interferometric dilaton field and deposit itself accordingly…:)

You see, I did not respect even the Sacred Cow of the Double Slit Experiment…:)

Just to summary, the relation between dilaton and torsion is due to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle. Interaction means each dilator sensing each other’s dilaton field and stepping through the de Broglie Hypergeometrical Universe accordingly. The interference between dilaton fields creates shifts on the each dilator’s field shifting its maxima. At each step, each dilator sits exactly where they are suppose to be to be in phase with everyone else. This shifting corresponds to a torsion of the local Fabric of Space. Once twisted through interaction, this local fabric with surf the 4D shockwave until it reaches its Hubble point. At that point, the space with be totally relaxed, but the particle (sitting still on the fabric of space) will continue its motion..

Notice that the Quantum Lagrangian Principle is the basis for Grand Unification and that together with the Fundamental Dilator (resulting in Pseudo-Quantization of time) are the source for Quantum Mechanics.

Sorry running so long… I place a few links to the blog associated with the fundamental dilator and the hypergeometrical interpretation of Newton’s Laws..



The first thing is to review the fundamental dilator

The relationship between Newton’s First, Second and Third Laws and Hypergeometric Topology is shown in these blogs

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