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Hyperspherical Universe????

The Solution to the Olbers' Paradox

Olber's Paradox

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The Meaning of Material Existence

The Meaning of Material Existence

I believe that the simplest picture for matter is one of a four-dimensional “rotating double well”… Again, I am driven by physical considerations…

The Nitrogen atom in the Maser have existence in one side of the hydrogen plane and disappears from existence in that side of the hydrogen plane with an oscillating frequency equal to the difference in energy between these two states divided by h (Planck constant). This is a coherence, that is, the real state is a linear combination of two states of different energies (frequencies). The difference in energy is what creates the beating.

Figure 1. This figure shows a double potential well representing the energy levels of an out-of-plane vibration of Nitrogen in Ammonia. The space dimension is the distance from the Hydrogen Plane. This Figure was borrowed from the internet and its availability is greatly acknowledged and thanked for.

In the case of Ammonia, the finite potential barrier in the middle allows for tunneling and that in itself results in a splitting of equal energy levels located on both potential wells. The difference in energy between these new hybrid levels will define the frequency of beating. In the case of Ammonia, the potential wells are symmetric and the beating frequency is in the microwave region. The probability of the Nitrogen being found in one side of the Hydrogen plane is equal to the probability of the Nitrogen to be found in the other side of the plane.

In the case of an “Existing Particle” – material existence of a particle will be explored later in this work – it can be thought as a coherence between a massive and a massless states of the multidimensional space. The massless state lies outside the 3-D space along the radial direction. Their nature is of an eigenstate of spatial deformation (4-D space) potential rotating double well.

The mass of different particles /state of space deformation is defined by the different probabilities of being found in the massive side of the potential well. That explains the large variety of particle masses.

ParticleMass is a 3-D footprint (in the 3-D Universe we know) while they walk and tumble along the radial direction.

This in a nutshell is the reason why different particles have different rest masses.

You have to remember that in the theory particles always rotate (tumble) around the direction perpendicular to the plane XR (YR, ZR)..Those tumblings correspond to the Pauli spin (sigmax, sigmay, sigmaz)…Other quantum numbers can be obtained using similar reasoning…

The meaning of Material Existence implies that as the molecule tumbles it should set foot on the 3-D space at multiples of the de Broglie wavelength… At this time, I am not explaining some other details of the meaning of Mass… It is an elaborate argument…I will explain later..

Basically, to exist is to set foot on the Hyperspherical Universe Shock Wave every so often… If the phase is not correct, things don’t exist…

To exist is to be phase-matched with the Hyperspherical Shock-Wave Universe.
That is also the basic condition for Nuclear Chemistry.

The potential well is not symmetric (the radial direction and the 3-D shell are not symmetric)… thus the occupation number on each side of the well are not equal….That is the reason for the different masses associated with different particles… just an occupation number on a “rotating four-dimensional asymmetric “double” well” … I say “double” because one of the sides is triply degenerated (3-D side or Universe side)…

A simple problem…

PS- The maximum potential mass of a particle is proportional to the absolute value of its charge...:) Hadrons have three dimensional footprints in the 3-D Universe we know.. Mesons have two dimensional footprints...