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Plunger Physics and the Casimir Effect

Plunger Physics and the Casimir Effect

How and Why would one think about solving the World's Energy Problems with a Photonic Plunger? That boggles my mind...:)

Great Balls of Fire...:)

Great Balls of Fire

Holy Cow...:)

I had a nice discussion with Kiril Chucanov in the last few days...:) As usual, from friction comes light...:)

The discussion wasn't a great sucess... I wasn't able to ascertain if Kiril Chucanov was onto something or just blowing smoke...

He places videos of Balls of Fire in microwave ovens..:) and claimed a 5MW Power Plant that creates energy from nothing.

I wanted him to say - "Well, I injected 100 Joules and derived 1000 Joules.. or I ran the power plant for 1 hour and extracted 18000 mega Joules... " This is the heat created in just one hour by a 5MW power fact, it can be even higher if the 5MW is an output power specification as opposed to just a simple measure of available power..

As you might now, to dissipate 18000 megaJoules is no small feat... I suppose the experimental setup is not linked to the power grid and that energy is extracted as heat only...This situation poses significant difficulty since one cannot dump legally large quantities of scalding water into the sink...

I would expect that a working power generator based upon such discovery would only be created after clear evidence of its validity, valid patents, etc.

Had he said that, I would take his word for it... That would be a meaningful statement... That amount of power would have to come out as heat and it would be trivial to measure the coolant temperature change during energy extraction...:) it would generate about 12 hundred liters or 260 gallons of boiling water per second...

Nobody would have any doubt about Free Energy if he had just said what I wrote above...

Any questions could only be laid on his credibility... not on experimental error.

Now we will never know...:)
I followed up and found this in the New Scientist:

Lightning balls created in the lab -10 January 2007
From New Scientist Print Edition. Hazel Muir