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Jocelyn Perrin to me

"Google Links" next to an email recently composed led me to your quackery. Thanks a lot for reinforcing my dubious outlook on the internet and, by extension, humanity.

Leave the science blogging to the pros! You're gonna confuse everyone!!!! If the peer-review international scientific community has not faith enough to sponsor your ideas, then maybe it's time you hit the books again!

If your ideas are still so raw and without solid support, why are you already so eager to publish them in your blog for all to see?! My god, I have no reason ever to have stumbled upon it!

I must apologize for my ranting tone-- I'm just fed up with gmail's little sponsored links seeming so inviting and potentially useful and then turning out to be total crap that I find it difficult to tear my eyes away from for some crazy reason-- ugh-- ah--- You're not the first, suffice to say.

Sigh. This is rather rude- I am sorry. I found your email address too easily, when the blood was still boiling.

I now feel that I owe it to my earlier state of mind to actually send this to you..... eek!

I mean you no harm,

Dear Jocelyn,

If you had read the blog, you would had learned that I did not receive any feedback positive or negative from peer review. On the contrary, when Cosmologists and Physicists read my blog they asked me to have it published in their book. I hope that would increase your outlook in humanity.

It would increase my outlook in Humanity if you were to provide me with a hint of an objection to any one of my arguments.

It is very easy to criticize things you see here and there - as long as you don't have to take a position (being an intellectual coward - no offense intended... after all most people are intellectually coward).

I took what I consider a brave position. I created a consistent framework of ideas and explored it rationaly on my spare time. If you read my blog you will see that only extremely vague objections like yours have been tossed against my ideas.

It would be of great service to me and to Humanity if you were to formulate your criticism on a rational basis. Say where I went wrong. What is your objection? I would be happy to learn from you or to teach you something you might not know.

Best wishes,


ps- Please post your comments on my blog and take a stand. I do.
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