The Simple Minded Fat Electron and Proper Time Quantization


neutrino57 said...

You are on the right track. Time IS quanticized. As is space. Read my blogs on HU-LU-WU (3-d superstring theory) and Gluons.The basic theory of the universe ought to be simple enough for anyone to understand. Do you think a photon has to refer to a tiny scientific calculator every time it moves? No, it just goes!



Thanks for the comment. I did not want to reply in terms of HU-LU-WU strings because if you are a theoretician in academia you already have a forum for your ideas. I, being a layman in the field of Quantum Relativity, SuperStrings etc somehow couldn't even publish a simple e-print in the Los Alamos arquives. That is the reason I bothered to write this blog.

If you want me to understand your work, it will take a little bit more time and communication. You can email me your pdfs and I will take a look.

Every so often someone comes and utters something without providing the minimum support for the statement. I suppose you have some support for your argument.

To clarify my reply I will direct your attention to the Hypergeometrical Universe Icon above.

The figure that stares you everytime you read this blog is very telling. It show a stepwise radial expansion with steps equals to an one a.m.u. Compton wavelength.

Notice the proper time and local space is define in the right panel (XYZTau). Rotations of reference frames there also corresponds to changes in velocity. The angle with the normal is arctanh(v/c) and the relative angle (corresponding to relative perceive velocity) is obtained from the standard Lorentz transforms or equivalently from the formula of tanh(A-B).

A correction to relativity for large distances is presented in paper. Standard relativity doesn't take into consideration the 4D space curvature.

Returning to Quantization of Time. If you realize that velocity is not quantized, that is, the angle of torsion is not quantized (if it is, its quantization is a further refinement), you will realize that the proper time quanta varies depending upon which inertial referential frame you choose. Unfortunately, the dependence is upon the inertial reference frame and the normal to the Fabric of Space.

This means that experimentally it will not be detectable since you cannot tell your angle with the Radial direction. Different reference frames will have different time quanta. Since the "3D Space Quantum" would be velocity times this variable proper time quanta, you wouldn't have a 3D Space Quantization after all.

The time quantum is the time it takes to step and it is equal to a neutron Compton wavelength is 1.319 590 8951 x 10-15 m divided by the speed of light or circa 4.3 x 10^-24 seconds on its proper reference frame.

I mentioned Cosmological Time. The Cosmological Time is the Proper Time for all reference frames at rest (Fabric of Space Relaxed). It times the expansion. Remember that relaxed Fabric of Space has its normal pointing towards the Radial direction.

Proper time is the local time where there local reference frame can be pointing at directions different than PSI (the Cosmological Time shown in the left panel of the Hypergeometrical Universe Icon). Proper time is the perpendicular to this dimensionalized proper time or parallel to the local Fabric of Space (which can be tilted).

An experiment that would tell you that Radial Quantum and thus the time Quantum would be neutrino interferometry (Neutrinos from from Neutron Decay). Good luck finding a stepper motor that will step anything close to the Compton wavelength of a one a.m.u..

By the way, my theory explains the why of pseudo time quantization (The Girlfriend on a Swing Argument) but also gives you the understanding of the Meaning of Material Existence....:)



PS- By the way, please refer this site to your colleagues. As soon as I finish the Hyperon Family the story will be complete and I will try again to submit it to the Los Alamos Arquives. The argument is tooooooo long and convoluted to the published in a standard journal. I will write a book.

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