Dark Matter ....Schmatter...:)


Dark Matter....Schmatter...:)

When I first started struggling with the concept of matter, I realized that matter would have to have spin ZERO.....

I realized that "Matter" as we know it, was made of non-zero spin particles (electrons, protons, neutrons) ... They would gang together to make something that effectivelly had zero spin (Hund's Rule)...

I knew from the symmetry conditions on the intial Cosmogenesys event (see the Cosmogenesys Paper), that there should had been an initial zero spin deformation state which decayed into all these spinning particles (protons, electrons, neutrons are fermions -spin 1/2 particles...)...

I promptly realized that fermions of opposing spins sticking together close enough would mimic a zero spin particle. Since neutral matter has zero spin, they would behave like my archetypical zero spin one a.m.u. neutron. I used this archetypical particle to derive Newton's' Gravitational Law using a derivation which wasn't particle mass dependent.

Dark Matter was recently uncovered by the observation of a Galaxy cluster colliding with another Galaxy cluster. Dark Matter is seemed travelling ahead of standard matter and producing gravitational lensing where there seems to be no matter at all.. The fact that this matter travelled ahead of the standard matter indicates that it propagated through standard matter.

This propagating through is consistent with pure zero spin particles, as opposed to composite particles like neutrons which are in fact dimeric particles. This dimeric nature is unveiled when a neutron collide with another composite particle (e.g. a U235 nucleus). The collision makes the internal components of the neutron to interact with internal components of the other composite particle resulting in the fission of U235. A neutral dimer is only neutral if one doesn't probe it close enough to sense its internal charges.

A pure ZERO spin particle would interact only Gravitationally with standard matter. Standard matter would interact with it Gravitationally. Free charged matter (Plasma) would attract it in one de Broglie cycle and repel it in the next.

From this last statement, it might become clear that electrons, protons sense no Gravitation.

From the last statement one should ask: How come the Sun keeps itself glued together if not due to Gravity?

Gravity keeps the neutral Sun together, that is, for each positive charge, there should be a negative charge. As you know Electrostatic repulsion is 10^36 times stronger than Gravitational pull. One Kilogram of free, extra electrons in the Sun would neutralize the Gravitational pull of 10^36 Kg....:)

If electrons and nuclei were separated (distant) in Sun's plasma, then their electrostatic attraction would be the glue that would keep the Sun together. Not Gravitation. Of course, Gravitation is the seed for the creation of a Gaseous Giant which eventually ignited.

Of course, the Sun's plasma is such that electrons and nuclei are on average close enough to effectively form a neutral particle, that neutral particle (neutral plasma) will interact with other neutral particles through Gravity.

Have you ever asked how come a proton and a electron would attract each other with a force that is 10^36 times larger than the subsequent force with which that pair (Hydrogen atom) would attract another pair. In fact, riding much higher than Gravitation would be the Forces derived from the interaction of their dipoles, polarizability etc...

In this theory, there is no Gravitational force between charged particles and in stating so, this theory also breaks the relationship between Inertial and Gravitational Mass. What is the weight of a Kilogram of Electrons? Zero... Its inertial mass will be exactly one Kilogram...:)

Particles only sense one "Force" which is the waveform 4-D deformational field. Their response to this field defines the type of force (Electromagnetism or Gravitation). Their response depends upon their state of spin (spin 1/2, 3/2...) will define a charge and and electromagnetic response. Spin ZERO will respond in such way that can only be considered due to Gravitation.

Dark Matter should be composed of Pure Zero Spin Particles and they will only interact with other zero spin particles through Gravitation and not interact with charge particles at all.

Of course, the search for ZERO spin particles shouldn't start at things that throw spinning particles one against the other (supercolliders, hadronic accelerators)...

In fact, after I slept a little I realized that one might also be able to find them in spin polarized collisions of very specific particles... On the other hand, since you cannot detect or collect the created particles, they will just sink to the center of the Earth...:) before decaying back into baryonic matter..

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