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Although it is always a pleasure to help you see the Universe through a new lens, the original goal of this blog was to create an interface with the Cognoscenti of this area.

Somehow, my outlandish theory did not create any of the heated debate I hoped for.

As you know by now, this theory Drops Strong and Weak forces Like it is Hot :). This would not sit well with anyone who works on anything related to the standard current scientific view.

The theory goes deeper. In creating a new Lagrangian Principle, the one that states that dilators are always in phase with surrounding spacetime waveforms (or should I say wavefields), I revised the basis for Dynamics, Gravitation and Electromagnetism. The revision is subtle, but extremely relevant.

Obtaining a metric of this space is trivial... It correspond to three rotations:

1) The first correspond to a rotation by
Cosmological Angle Theta around the direction perpendiculat to R and Cosmological Time.

2) The second correspends to a rotation of artan(v/c) around the direction perpendicular R and X.

3) The last corresponds to the Lorentz Transformation or a rotation of a complex angle artanh(v/c). This makes this theory relativistic and the observed time relative. The Cosmological Time is absolute and cannot be observed. This is a bold and fundamental review of the debate on Time. Later, I will digress on the meaning of time, if I have time...:)

4) The last transformation is the Hyperspherical Expansion which is just a R=c*CosmologicalTime.

Since I also created a new Lagrangian Principle, which has Quantum Mechanics built-in, one cannot derive Geodesics in a simple-minded way. The position of each dilator (particle) depends upon the position of every other particle at each de Broglie expansion of the Shock-Wave Universe.

One of the greatest ideas within this theory was the change in paradigm (there so many) that changes the idea that there are many "forces" from the idea that there is one single force and more than one response to that "force". Force is qualified since in this hypergeometrical theory there is no need for the concept of force.

This theory questioned the lack of phase information on fields and use that as a supporting evidence for the proposed Lagrangian Principle.

The 4-Dimensional Shock-Wave Universe Paradigm shift is the culprit in the elimination of the Strong and Weak forces. It also recasted E=mc^2 as being kinetic in nature.

Energy equation
E=c*SQRT((m0*c)^2+p^2) was recasted to unveil the simple Pytagorean 4-Dimensional Linear Momentum Conservation Equation (m*c)^2=(m0*c)^2+p^2 hidden within it.

All these changes and innovation makes this theory impossible to publish. Sheepish editors (e.g. the one from Physical Review D) had bluntly said that this theory lacks something (without voicing any specific point).

I thought that by engaging the scientific community, I would be able to clarify the basic ideas and show that this theory is worthy to be recorded and discussed by the Intelligentsia....:)

Well, the lack of comments, contacts or discussion makes me believe otherwise.

I will wrap up a few points and leave this Science for "Scientists"...:) After all, they are the ones who are creating Whole Universes using something called Higgs Boson, Gluon Fields, etc.....:) Who am I to burst their bubble...:)

If you are a scientist who enjoyed reading my Blog, please feel free to contact me. I would like to have the theory published in the E-Print Archives somewhere before I stop thinking about this problem. Even for that, I need an endorser.


If mankind minus one were of one opinion, then mankind is no more justified in silencing the one than the one - if he had the power - would be justified in silencing mankind.
- John Stuart Mill
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