Don't quote me on that...:) During my vacation I read a very interesting book : The Final Theory by Mark Alpert. That would be a book I would like to be able to write, but I can't describe (paint) events to such level of detail..

In this "Science Fiction" book, the author writes about Einstein's effort to create a paradigm for particles that would be self-sustained within a 4D spacetime and produce interactions (Gravitation, Electromagnetism, etc)...

In my theory, I don't have the straight-jacket of a 4D Spacetime. I use a 5D Spacetime with a Lightspeed Expanding 3D Shockwave Universe and a Fundamental Dilator Particle Paradigm.

Geons are supposed to be micro-black holes where spacetime is so curved that future and past circles around...:) (in fact, the linear solution to this problem doesn't offer a steady spacetime deformation - it results in a leaky solution where the deformation decays in time, but let's stretch Science a little and consider the best this paradigm could provide...)This is used as a particle paradigm and as the source for the Hidden Variables that Einstein sought for so long to explain Quantum Mechanics. Hidden Variables in a Quantum Mechanical observation would explain Why in the Heck one has to use a probabilitstic model for interactions.

As soon as he delivered the Annus Mirabilis papers, Einstein was out-of-tune with the observed reality that the microcosmos is Quantum Mechanical, i.e., processes have to be described by wavefunctions and probabilities. Ironically, his paper on the Photoelectric effect launched the same revolution (Quantum Mechanics) he later fought against.

Coincidently, my theory was created one hundred years after his Annus Mirabilis....You can only imagine how much trouble I faced in trying to publish a theory of everything on that year (2005)...:)

His Classical Mechanical Mind demanded the existence of a hidden variable, something we are not measuring that would modulate inter-particle interaction. The GEONS paradigm fudges this hidden variable into being time itself (local time). The circular local time means that one can never know what time it is for each particle...:) and thus one has to average its dynamics... That would also mean that the particle would never leave its place and it would live in a Ground Hog Universe...:)

The Fundamental Dilator Paradigm eliminates this problem.
The above figure shows the spinning dynamics of the Fundamental Dilator, only horizontally lettered states are in phase with the 3D Lightspeed Expanding Universe. This means that for a particle to transmutate into another particle one has to provide a delay between tunneling and 4D spinning. This is done through 3D rotations, but it could be done by other means.

Interaction (Gravitational or Electrostatic) only happens when the dilator is fully overlapping the 3D Universe. Of course, mass (charge) is proportional to that overlap and thus interaction only occurs when the overlap is maximum. On those phases, the dilaton field is an interferogram and the next position of the dilator is known to be within the closest interferogram maximae. This closest interferogram maximae will have a 3D shape that depends upon the number of interacting dilators. The interferogram is actually three-dimensional..>:)

This uncertainty is the topological hidden variable that elluded Einstein and all Science until now...:)

By the way, Einstein was correct in demanding a hidden variable and considering wavefunctions (as a matter of fact) intellectually unsatisfactory. With the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory one can go merrily using Quantum Mechanics tools while having a deeper understanding of reality.

It is quite refreshing to be able to take a positive and supportive view of Albert Einstein's inquisitive mind...:) Most people in the fringes of Orthodox Science are viscerally against anything established. The same happens after his Annus Mirabilis. As soon as his Opus was done, people took him of his pedestal...:) Iconoclastic behavior....:)

I mentioned in the beginning of this blog that my theory grew out of my attempt to understand what my predecessors did right even when they didn't know why they were doing...:) e.g. Bohr in Quantum Mechanics, Newton in Dynamics and Gravitation, Gauss, Faraday, Newton and others on Fields...

Starting from that perspective it is quite difficult to feel comfortable as an iconoclast...:) I am just someone who came afterwards and paid attention to details..:)

Not unlike in Mark Alpert's book, my pursuance of the theory of everything brought me in closer proximity to an excentric billionaire...:) Due to my reading of the book, I cancelled my visit to the Castle... (just kidding).... I decided that there was too much noise and stayed in London instead...:) Venice was great.... I loved the Fragosa, Fuiti di Bosco Gelati... Rome was amazing... Went to Cesar's house...:)

Later I will talk about Sterile Neutrinos..>:)


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