Sterile Neutrinos


Sterile Neutrinos

These neutrinos were hypothesized to exist and to be able to interact only through Gravitation. If they were real in any shape or form they would had modulated the development of the Universe.

Of course, they are also the reason behind weapons race associated with The Final Theory..:)

Currently, Science has the myopic view (4D Spacetime) which allows for incongruous reasonings like a circular spacetime (due to mass induced Spacetime curvature) etc. In this very primitive perception of the Universe, the existence of a new gravitationally interacting particle would change the effective gravitational mass distributed within the 3D Universe and that could induce the Universe to be a Big Bang to be followed by a Big Crunch etc...

Of course, this is meaningless and brainless in a 5DSpacetime with a 3D Shockwave Hyperspherical Universe paradigm.

In any event, I showed that the Electron Neutrino was associated with the 3D Rotation of the Proton-side deformation. Below is the Neutron deformation spinning double potential well:
This figure shows three coherences. The first is the Neutron coherence. Here an electron coherence is followed by a Electron-Proton Transmutation chord. This chord corresponds to a sub-coherence between states (2/3,2/3,-1/3) and (2/3,-1/3,2/3) or to a rotation around the X-axis. This occurs while the spinning perpendicular to R takes place and changes which state will be in phase with the 3D Hypersphere (our 3D Universe). It changes the in-phase phase from Electron to Proton. Later another Electron-Proton Transmutation Chord restores the Electron phase as the in-phase one.

Since there is no difference between starting from one phase or the other, the Neutron is actually represented by the two possible coherences, thus a dimer. As a dimer it has helicity, nuclear angular momentum and spin...:)

The stardard understanding of Strong Force is consistent with the fact that the interacting dilaton fields is only effective at very close distances.

My theory is based upon only a single interaction (dilaton field interacting with dilator). The Neutrino character of the Neutrino Family is due to the lack of synchronicity of those coherences with the rest of the Universe which is based upon the Fundamental Dilator. This, of course, means that there isn't any such a thing as an Sterile Neutrino...:)

The difference between Gravitation and Electromagnetism is due to the subject of the interaction and not due to a different form of interaction. This means that both Gravitation and Electromagnetism are governed by the same law...:) Due to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle, Gravitation would be null if there wasn't a curvature in the Shockwave Universe. Of course, this curvature is not due to mass distributions ..>:) it is due to the Age of the Universe multiplied by the speed of light - well, that is the radius of curvature...:)

It took me a while to chose which states would be involved with the Electron-Neutrino. Initially I considered that the Electron Neutrino should be associated with Electron States (0,-2/3,-1/3) and (0,-1/3,-2/3).

Only upon finishing the whole assignement, I concluded that it should be the opposite, that is, Electron Neutrinos are associated with coherences between Proton states (2/3,2/3,-1/3) and (2/3,-1/3,2/3). Of course, you should double check, I do my science while commuting in the subway..>:)

The Muon Neutrino can be understood from the Muon Minus decay equation:

The blue lines are Electron-Positron Transmutation Chords while the red lines are our familiar Electron-Proton Transmutation Chord. One should be able to easily recognize the coherence for the Muon Neutrino in the prior diagram just by looking at the Balls Diagram...:)

Below is the decay equation for the Pion Minus...:) It decays into an electron and a Muon Neutrino. In fact, it decays into an electron, a muon neutrino and an electron neutrino. Of course, the electron and positron fundamental dilators chords add to the decaying process an extra kick in terms of energy. That extra kick corresponds to the energy of anhiliation of a positronium (electron-positron)...:)

Neutrinos are not the same as photons.... I explained photons some time ago in terms of the waving of the wave source, that is, an spatial modulation of the source of the dilaton field. Since they have a footprint in the 3D hypersurface, they will have inertia and create their own dilaton field. The magic is that that dilaton field will have a different frequency or wavelength thus resulting in an effective zero interaction with matter or charge...:)

They will interact weakly among themselves, that is, Electron Neutrinos will interact with other electron neutrinos. Muon Neutrinos will interact with other Muon Neutrinos. There would be a null interaction among Muon and Electron Neutrinos. Of course, they will interact strongly in close range since one would average just a few cycles of the dilaton field. The fact that neutrinos correspond to rotations within the 3D hyperspherical shock wave universe of an static local metric deformation also means that their dialton near-field is significant.

The last known neutrino is the Tau Neutrino. There is a lot of confusion about the creation process of the Tau Lepton and the subsequent decay into Tau Neutrino. The most resolute data I obtained was that a Tau Lepton decays into a Tau Neutrino and 3 Pions. Here is the assignment for the Tau Lepton, its product decay and the Tau Neutrino relationship with the Electron Neutrino and the Muon Neutrino.

Below is Tau Lepton:

Next are the decay products:

There is an equilibrium between Tau, Electron and Muon Neutrinos:

That more than enough about Neutrinos..:)

Notice that electrons and positrons contained within the dilator chords anhiliate themselves in some decaying pathways impacting larger momentum to the Tau Neutrino. The Tau Lepton contains nine fundamental dilator chords thus being a 9-mer. Subsequent decay lowers the dilator symmetry.

In reality both the pion decay leading to a muon and muon neutrino (plus the yet undetected electron neutrino) also leads to a Tau Neutrino. The difference is the energy available. The Tau Lepton contains much more energy and thus was recognized as a different neutrino, but the Neutrino that comes out of a Pion decay and the one from a Tau Lepton decay should be the same entity, just with different energies.



ps- This means that the experimental mass measured for the Tau Neutrino is misleading. I considered an equilibrium but one could also consider an oscilation between the Tau Neutrinos and (Electron Plus Muon Neutrinos) states. Of course, one could create a Neutrino Laser using these energy levels...:)

Since these are very non interacting dilators the coherence length might be substantial. Sorry for the confusion, data about the Tau Neutrino or Tau Lepton is confusion at best.

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