How to Write a Theory of Everything


How to Write a Theory of Everything

It turns out that writing a theory of everything is not a simple as you might think. The first reason being that every scientist would hate to have someone else writing it before them..:) That explains some of the reactionary responses to my efforts to disseminate my ideas.

The second reason is the necessarily wide scope of the writing. A theory of everything has to replicate all data associated with Cosmology, our concepts of Cosmogenesis, Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics (preferably in compliance with the Standard Model and written in terms of Strings or Branes)..:) After all it is just common cortesy to write it in the language of the people who will read it...:)

The other force acting against this effort is that it is easy to attack anyone who dare to say they have such a theory. Every great scientist thought about it, thus for the small (minded) scientist it is a slam dunk, a no-brainer - anyone who says they wrote a theory of everything has to be a Bozo...:)

Small (minded) scientists always play safe... You don't want to be one the wrong side of History...:) at least statistically... they just kick left and right to see if you go alway...:) Forget thinking... Small scientists are incapable of understanding anything deep, thus will attack you on form, length, picture size etc... as if they knew how to write the Theory of Everything.

I also didn't try to write in the String/Brane language of the day. I tried to make something simple where people could build upon, dress it up as a brane if they want it and figure how to do it....:) I thought that it was better to make the theory simple and physical than to get the Physics lost in the mathematical details.

I took the position that I should explain the theory at lenght, since I know that any telegraphic explanation will pass a mile over all the small scientists... and small minded editors...

That, of course, makes my papers horrendously poorly written. Too much space wasted...some repetition... :) It doesn't fit the 5 pages limit... etc...etc... It doesn't help that I have a day job and do this during my subway commute or when I am tired or sleepy...:)

Those constraints weren't created for the Theory of Everything. They were created for small theories...

Thus, don't criticize me on form. Tackle the content first. If the theory is not what I promised, then it is my fault and I will learn from it and correct it.

Otherwise, there are no rules for the Theory of Everything.

Please visit my Wikipedia deletion entry. I am trying to make a point or to get a reasonable review of my work there... Here is the link.



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