Questions and Answers - II


Questions and Answers - II

Here goes another set of questions and answers. I love a scientific debate and consider it instrumental in improving a theory, especially if the debate leads me into finding failures in my theory.

Even when a debate does not unveil a logical failure, it still can be used for educational purposes. Many people might come up with similar misconceptions or doubts and they should be addressed. That said, I always expect the questioner to be able to learn from my answers....:) Otherwise, there is little educational purpose if one comes back with the same question that was just answered. Here it goes:

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To sum up,dilators (which can spin or twist according to some odd dimensional reference)in oscillating in phase with something (for a purpose of EMR radiation?)

My first comment is what are you referring to when you mention odd dimensional reference. I use a very simple Cartesian/Lorentzian 5D spacetime (X1-Y1-Z1-W1-Psi) to represent a ligthspeed traveling shockwave universe. The local coordinates that best describe the wave are XYZRPsi.

The reference frame is relativistic (metric is a Lorentz transformation) in the XYZPsi cross-section. Psi is the absolute time and R is the preferential direction. BOTH are not observables in our 3D ligthspeed expanding shockwave Universe. Our time is the proper time, or the Tau and Tau prime shown in the cross-section shown in each and every (almost) blog of this theory. Proper time is what Einstein was able to understand and it is what we measure in our Twin Paradox experiments. The RXYZ (XYZW) coordinates are simple hyperspherical (Cartesian) coordinates. X=R.ThetaX, Y=R.ThetaY etc... This is not relevant since I always use a linearization for Grand Unification calculations.

since this occurs gravity is generated?

There is a paper (pdf) and two books in which my Gravitation calculation was presented. There is a Miguel de Unamuno blog where the Gravitational Constant was shown in details and with all the dimensions correct. In my theory Gravity or Electromagnetism are not generated. Every dilator naturally emanates its own dilaton waves. A dilator is just a traveling but spatially localized deformational coherence in the 4D spatial manifold. The 3D footprint of the dilator is equal to the volume of a proton or an electron. That shouldn't come as a surprise since same fundamental dilator represents both particles. This means basically that a dilator 3D footprint is of the order of 10^60 cubic meters... that means that all particles (dilators) in the Universe could fit an cubic meter volume or thereabouts.

The exact value is quite irrelevant since it depends dramatically upon collisional cross-sections etc.

The icon of the Hypergeometrical Universe shows the waves in cross-sections. The shockwave universe steps out radially with a step equal to a Compton wavelength of an Hydrogen atom. On the other hand the radius represented in the figure is the dimensional age of the Universe or 15 Billion light years.

At each de Broglie step of the expansion, dilator find their new position such that they dilate in phase with the rest of the Universe, that is, the position of the dilator will be at the maximum of the local dilaton field.

moving (within the 3d shockwave at the speed of light in relation to five dimensional timespace reference (what is the 5)

Of course, you should be able to see if in the double cross section icon shown in blog. In my theory, there is a non-compact 4th spatial dimension, which you can call W or R depending upon if you decide to use Cartesian or spherical coordinates. In any choice, XYZ are always along the circular cross-sections...

since this occurs gravity is generated? Most of something now rest in relation to the fabric of time space (being a bunch of dilators?)

The Fabric of Space is the locus where all the 3D Universe is located. This is a hypersphere which expands at the speed of light, timed by a Cosmological Time Psi. Dilators are 4D displacement volume (metric modulations) which spin in 4D space and interact when they overlap with the Fabric of Space. A simple analogy would be dilators posing as rubber duckling floating on a swimming pool that is being filled. The surface of that pool would correspond to the fabric of space. The footprint of the rubber duckling at any given time (supposing it is spinning) would be the footprint of the dilator. This footprint can be twisted through interactions with other dilators. A twisted footprint will travel until the twisting vanishes. When that happens that dilator is at rest with respect to the Fabric of Space, despite of being in motion with respect to everything else in the same way it was before reaching its resting position.

the lingo explanation aside you can show this all in a basically unlabeled diagram of a circle. And perhaps a formula to calculate cosmological constants. Not to mention the frequent use of the Hyper prefix.

When you write a theory that makes any sense, you will be able to decide to use or not Hyper..:) I like the Hyper prefix...:)...It is a matter of taste. I always show the Hypergeometrical Universe Cross-Sections. To say that they are basically unlabeled is also a subjective statement. You can see the non-prime and prime reference frames on the 4D spacetime cross-section. That should indicate to someone wise that the theory is relativistically consistent. I didn't put anything in a preferential frame in my theory, despite of creating a preferential frame.

The other "unlabeled" cross-section contains RX... That should be clear that X,Y,Z are along the circular cross-section. That in itself is a tremendous innovation. Somehow nobody saw this obvious possibility. There is a reason. If my Universe weren't traveling at the speed of light (if it were an static circle) time would be circular and everything would eventually happen again..:)

now give me a straight answer what are the Space spatial(distance) implications
of this theory
a. as a magnitude
b. in relation to time
c. in relation to whatever else
Z. a rapid generation of energy

Fill in the blanks assume i know nothing about your super physics.

To me this is more abstract than Taoist philosophy, you may be onto something but I wouldn’t know it.

Is that the pungent criticism you were looking for ...:)

Cheers MP,

C'mon, you should be out of kindergarden by now...:) I write these blogs at a level that anyone can understand..:) or should...:)
1)With respect to rapid energy creation I created a blog on how to produce Coherent Nuclear Fusion.
2)With respect to time, I created a blog called As time goes by and others where I refined the description of time.
3)With respect to whatever else...:) I have to tell you to read the paper...This is a theory of everything with implication on whatever else you can imagine...:)
4) As a magnitude...:) I haven't the faintest idea what this question means..:)

Thanks again for your questions. Please read the aforementioned blogs and feel free to ask more questions. Please also make sure to learn from the answers...:)



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