Thinly Veiled Ads Posing as Questions...:)


Thinly Veiled Ads Posing as Questions...:)

So-And-Son has left a new comment on your post Questions and Answers":

I really like your intent and subject but infinite wisdom right out of the box is not the answer---and current best science is impenetrable by the majority of human minds--- common mind's eye visualization of the detailed mechanics of the electron, atom and molecule is the first base of all would-be digestible scientific discussion--- please sample MY NEW PHYSICS THEORY
My Answer:
Dear Mr. So-And-So,

It is a pleasure receiving your comment.

You are correct stating that this is a theory that have an in-your-face wisdom out of the box.

This is due to two reasons.

The first is because I actually was able to derive wisdom out of my model and have answers to everything people ask me.

The second reason for myself exposing answers or alternative answers to everything people think they know or doesn’t know is because I want feedback, criticism, scientific debate on my answers.

That is the only way to improve my understanding of nature.

I will not publish your comment because it is not a criticism but just a thinly veiled advertising.

I wouldn’t mind if your advertising were to show some differences and improvements upon my views.

That would warrant placing your ad in my blog.

Just a vague insinuation that your NEW PHYSICS THEORY is better is not enough…

You will have to tell me why…

I created out-of-the-box wisdom that should be easily attacked by a solid argument...:)

Please review

Otherwise, I will have to consider this just another thinly veiled advertising for another theory that cannot stand on its own. My arguments are quite simple to me, although my mind might not be one within the majority…

The non-ad part of your comment will be placed in my blog on Questions and Answers.

By the way, I went to your blog and only saw doc files. No way to discuss your ideas. I certainly disagree with a statement like this one:
“let c be both acceleration and velocity of the light”
That doesn’t make absolutely any sense. You used that line to create your light force paradigm…:)

Of course, this is not wisdom but it comes directly out-of-the-box... No discussion, no place to vent disagreements, no abiding to basic things like dimensional analysis (meter for length, meter/second^2 for acceleration, meter/second for velocity etc).

Things just doesn’t add up…

Of course, if you still believe that one can change willy-nilly the dimensions in one equation and still make sense, then let's consider the distance I walk every day in meters as d, my average velocity in micrometers/second as v, the duration of a day as t

One has d=v.t

Let now consider that v is the additional amount of money in dollars you own me and let everything else remain the same, hence:

$=v.t that is, you own me a lot of money ...:)

Science requires a lot of discipline.


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