Questions and Answers


Questions and Answers

Where have you gone, Dr. Zaius...:)

First of all, I would like to thank the readers who exposed their questions and doubts. The most important factor in the development of any theory is criticism. Some people might consider cooperative thinking to be more relevant. That might be the case, if there isn't a strong criticism laying around. One is always best served by tackling the most pungent criticism first. Those are the stumbling blocks that should be overcome.

Let's start:

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is there shape to this (universe)or does such a 4th dimension leave 3 dimensional logic redundant1. vaccume is lack of matter? or lack of time space?2. perhaps under conditions of black hole a time space vaccume exists and for some reason looks like a the Striations of a cathode ray tube.4. this will indicate the structure of timespace3. Permeability of a vacuume will be the difference between Striations in black hole if this is found we will know that nothing exists as well as something exists within the same Medium.discuss..
MP said...
1)The Shape or topology of the proposed Universe is a 3D lightspeed expanding hypersphere. This shape is a 4D shape with simple circular 2D Cross-sections on all six (RX,RY,RZ,PsiX,PsiY,PsiZ) . Those circles expand at the speed of light, timed by an absolute Cosmological Time (Psi).

Of course, our 3D shockwave is embedded into a 5D spacetime where the 4D Spacetime (PsiXYZ) is hyperbolic (due to our current choices with respect to the physical laws describing Nature) and while the other cross-section is Cartesian (RXYZ). PsiXYZ is also Cartesian if one uses the Fundamental Dilator paradigm and the Quantum Lagrangian Principle to describe particles and particle motion.

The 5D Spacetime itself is just a Cartesian Manifold. Lobatchevski or Riemannian, Cartan Geometries are currently required just because of Newton's Biggest Blunder..:) A non-geometrical interpretation of what governs acceleration (F=m.a) and a correspondily incorrect Gravitational Law (with a pole..:)) and their subsequently dressing up (Classical Mechanics) are the sources of non-Cartesian geometry. This might sound like an old-timer longing to simpler times...:) but from the difficulty that people has with my simple paradigm, I believe it is not the case..:)

That said about space, one has to say something about the local Fabric of Space where dilators are located. From my surfing paradigm it is obvious that the local Fabric of Space can be deformed (twisted) as the result of dilator-dilaton interaction. If one strictly ask me a question about the local Fabric of Space curvature, I would have to say that there is a curvature wherever the dilators footprint are located at any given time. Curvature on any other place is just a figment of imagination or a mathematical trick to describe a single curvature space traveled by dilatons.

2) Vacuum is just lack of matter (dilators), but never lack of metric waves (dilatons).
There isn't such a thing as lack of spacetime, that is, time exists independently of dilators (matter).

3 and 4) The structure of spacetime from your point of view is my structure of proper spacetime, that is, the variations in local deformation (twisting) of the Fabric of Space. Proper time is the only time currently known by science. Einstein eliminated the possibility of thinking otherwise.

Unlike in General Relativity where matter creates a curvature of spacetime, in my theory, dilators just create dilatons (metric waves). The curvature is always the same - the dimensional age of the Universe or lightspeed times the age of the Universe.

In my theory, dilators (matter) actually dilate or shrink the metric, this could be represented by a local curvature (local Fabric of Space Twisting) but one should always keep in mind that that is not physically true. Fabric of Space Twisting is just a construct to

I also mentioned that any lateral motion is always at speeds higher than the speed of light since a laterally moving dilator (not at rest with respect to the Fabric of Space) does that by surfing an dilaton interference pattern.

There are no microstructure to those local Fabric of Space twisting. They correspond to just the absolute state of motion of dilators within the 3D Shockwave Universe. It is my understanding that by now, most regions are on average at rest with respect to the Fabric of Space.

4) The permeability (eletric permeability) was calculated in my blog
Epsilon Revisited
The Gravitational Constant was calculated here:

The elasticity of the 5D spacetime was calculated within the main paper as well as the natural frequency of Gravitational Waves.

You are correct in the sense that surrounding a black hole there will be a dilaton field that will twist the Fabric of Space where dilators are located thus accelerating any dilator in its reach. That will change the proper spacetime 4D framework of those dilators in a predictable manner accordingly to the spherical symmetry of the Black Hole and to its angular momentum. I didn't dwell that much on Black Holes because they are pretty much irrelevant...:) at least much less important than the paradigm shifts needed to understand this theory.Thanks again for your interesting questions.



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1.macroscopic (cosmological) coherence. define.

The first thing to remember is that dilators within the whole 3D shockwave Universe are traveling at the speed of light along the spatial dimension R. They are at the center of a holospherical reference frame in the sense that they create a dilaton wave that travels laterally (within the shockwave Universe itself) in the same way a surfer could create waves that would propagate laterally on the wave he/she surfs...:)

If you think about my lightspeed expanding 3D shockwave Universe and the Fundamental Dilator paradigms you will realize how my perception of the Universe as a Stroboscopic Universe was created. Time is pseudo-quantized due to the spinning (rotation within the 4D space RXYZ) as the shockwave travels along R. Each step of this expansion is called a de Broglie Universe expansion step and has the lenght of a Compton wavelength for the dilaton (the Compton wavelength of a Hydrogen atom).

At each step of the de Broglie expansion, dilators are to position themselves according to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle, that is, they should be at the closest local maximum of the aggregated dilaton field (the one that includes all dilatons plus the dilaton field of the said dilator). This means that the dilaton contribution of that single dilator will add up coherently to the dilatons from all the other dilatons in the Universe.

This occurs to all dilators in the Universe thus creating a Cosmological Coherence. All dilators dilate in phase, thus the dilaton field is lossless...:) me this means you are trying to define the relation between EMR and matter.(because it emmits gravity)
I used the concept of electronic coherence to create my concept of dilator coherence. In an electronic coherence, two electronic stationary states are connected by an electromagnetic field.
The coherence will result in a beating between the two states and will only decay when that electromagnetic field interacts with an out-of-phase (dephasing) charge oscillation.

In the case of dilatons, there are no out-of-phase dilators and thus there isn't ever a dephasing process.

Gravity is the result of dilator-dilaton field interaction. Dilatons are not emitted since there isn't a dephasing process to create absorption. Gravity waves is a different concept in the same way that magnetism is different from electrostatic field. If one moves around neutral matter (zero spin dilators) one can create gravitational waves in the same ways moving a charge creates magnetism. There is a name for this gyro-gravitational field. This name has being created before without the understanding of what Gravity was.

4. what is it that transmits the radiation?

This is a typical Ether question. I interacted with people from the Ether community and stated clearly that the concept of a deformable medium for electromagnetic waves has been created by Einstein when he proposed the deformation of space by Gravitation. I extended the concept and showed that a simple dilaton field would explain both electromagnetic and gravitational fields. This means that the metric (or space) is the medium where radiation (dilatons) propagate.
This also means that Ether is just another name for space and not something besides space.

3.electrons changing levels or something else exercising a change in energy.

The initial metric deformation (Fluctuation of Zero) that created the current Universe decomposed (entropically) into a myriad of very, very, very tiny dilators. These are deformations of the metric that propagate due to a restoring force within space (space spring constant). I modeled the dilator as a traveling at the speed of light coherence between deformation states of a 4D space (RXYZ) which also spins at half the frequency of tunneling.

The "energy" or displacement volume carried with each fundamental dilator doesn't decay since this is a coherence between the two ground states of a 4D spinning metric deformation double potential well.

Electrons, protons, anti-electron and anti-protons are just phases of the fundamental dilator coherence.

Thanks for the questions.

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