I received this question about WHAT...:)

Since we all can learn from WHAT as well as WHY, here is the question and the answer:
It will be nice if you can explain WHAT you show is new, which was not shown or proven for Hyperons in conventional quark models (QCD) ?I like your rotated diagrams

The WHAT is everything....This is a total departure from existing Physics from the point defined by Newton's Four Natural Laws.

Everytime someone presents an alternative explanation for reality, even if the good and old theories explained everything well, science has the chance to reevaluate the current hypotheses...:) and it should take those opportunities... I don't want to put words in the mouth of people, but I remember Feymann being disgruntled with QCD... but it was the best we could do..:) All those positive infinities, negative infinities, dimensional renormalization, crap, etc... It was always looking just very suspicious..:)

  • One hypothesis that stinks in QCD is the gluon force - the most basic hypothesis in QCD- something that increases as the particles grow apart...:) This crazy idea was created to explain a null experimental result...:) One could never get a 1/3 or 2/3 charged particle (Quarks) no matter how hard we hit particles against each other...:)
  • I created a new model for "particles" where particles are coherences between stationary deformation states of a 4D manifold (5D Spacetime).
  • Another novelty is the solution to the Solar Neutrino Problem... I explained the Neutrino "oscillation" without desobeying energy conservation...:) and in doing so, I created a new model for the Tau Neutrino... QCD does tell you that the Tau Neutrino is a coherence between itself, Muon Neutrino and Electron Neutrino, that is, the diminutive Electron Neutrino can "oscillate" and trade nature with his fatter brethren...:) . In fact, it cannot since QCD doesn't consider a particle a coherence...:) other than sometimes like in the case of a neutrino..:) is a mess...
  • Current Science doesn't have the Metric Deformation Coherence as a model for matter...
  • The Hypergeometrical Universe theory doesn't have the concept of Particle, thus one don't have particle-wave duality...:) We have a Quantum Lagrangian Principle that states that dilators are lazy and always work in phase with the of the Universe..:)
  • I provided a source of time quantization and an explanation for quantization altogether...:) Quantum Mechanics states that things are quantized but it doesn't tell you why...:) I do..
  • Relativity states (postulates) that lightspeed is the maximum speed. I tell you why and I also tell you that lightspeed is the only speed..>:)
  • The Fundamental Dilator is the source of Quantization. Through its Nature, interactions are Fourier averaged, that is, for things to interact they have to have the fundamental dilator frequency. Neutrinos are examples of side coherence with long lives but no interaction at all (or very small interaction - for purists).
  • The Fundamental Dilator is the most amazing idea ever...:) Where everyone saw an electron, I also saw a Proton...a Positron and an AntiProton...:) ...Check my blog on What is Essential is Invisible to the Eyes...:)
  • The feat of describing all particle in terms of the fundamental dilator is crucial for a complete understanding of the Universe. If I couldn't explain one Hyperon, that would pose a significant challenge to the theory.
  • The Hypergeometrical Universe theory connects with Cosmology, which QCD only do by creating exotic matter out of the magic hat..
  • I explained all the hyperon particles including a simple formula for mass calculation without resorting to Higgs bosons, the creation of a quark at each and every corner...
  • Needless to say, it is convenient to replace the stinking Quarks... particles that can never be found in Nature because...:)
This is WHAT is new. Another point that is new is that this is a Grand Unification Theory. The only one in existence.


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