Some Hints on the Onionlike Flying Orchestra


Some Hints on the Onionlike Flying Orchestra

This Blog was written prior to my vacation and job change...:) I found it today when I started to prepare myself to write about the Hyperons...:)

I actually did not have time to work on the Hyperon Family during the vacation but I hope to do so tomorrow - a rainy Saturday...:)

The Onionlike description is accurate... I had to provide the model in stages.... It is more didactic.. Onionlike because there are different views of the same process which contains different level of detail... Not unlike thinking about Earth as a little Ball rotating around the Sun... On a closer look you can see that Earth rotates around its own axis... On a even closer look you start to see that there is a Moon and Earth and Moon circle around their center of mass....:)

In the Hypergeometrical Standard Model... Electron and Proton are quite simple and fundamental... a 4 notes dimensional chord... Electron and Proton differs from each other on which note is played first...:)

When one comes into a Neutron, I initially told you that it was a dimer... Later I disclosed the 8 notes chord associated with that particle... Later, I will tell you that the eight notes chord can also be described by two eight notes chords (the original dimer paradigm, just now told with dimensional chords)...:) In the case of some hyperons (composed of three 4 notes chords), the degeneracy is three-fold...:) or you start to have three twelve notes chords being played at the same time... I will later make some pictures for you to understand this better...:)

In any event, you should be able to get the gist... Under a degenerate dimensional chord particles, one could have an orbital angular momentum (an extra quantum number)...

Here is the Lost Blog... Enjoy

Life changes and remains the same...:) I am off to another vacation and will work on the Hyperon Family.

I can advance a litte hint on a sutle aspect of the Flying Orchestra. As you might remember, the Universe is modeled as a lightspeed expanding hyperspherical 3D Universe embedded in a 4D Cartesian Continuous Spatial Framework. This expansion, shown in the above picture, is timed by an Cosmological Clock (Cosmological Time). Not unlike the expansion direction R, the Cosmological time cannot be observed (can be observed only if you look very far away in any direction - that boundary will be expanding at the speed of light and timed by this Cosmological Time).

The only time that is observed in the XYZ-Tau spacetime framework is the proper time or the projection of the Cosmological Time onto one's referencial frame.

Now let's talk about what really matters. Early in this series, I presented a representation of a Neutron as a Electron-Proton Dilator dimer. Later, I refined the model and introduced the Spinning Double Potential Well and the DIMENSIONAL CHORDS associated with Proton, Electron and Neutron.
This is how far I got before getting to the vacation...:)

I will try to clarify further tomorrow...:)



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