First I have to say that the research in SuperStrings or any other tremendously mathematical theory is valuable and has been set forth by brilliant minds. In addition, the theories might really being brought back from the 23rd Century and be totally correct.

Secondly, I have to say something that might help you see other perspectives with an open mind.

Here is what I have to say:

There is a bothering aspect in the present search for the theory of everything.
There are precepts on how the theory should look like.

Unseeming comments like the claim that String Theory is a theory from the 23rd Century (thus should be correct) are not scientific. It delegates all other
attempts to second best just by using that empty statement.

I see the big picture although I might fail to see the details. The big picture is that superstrings are supposed to replicate energy levels (mass) of particles and the different types of bosons that convey the so called Forces. The problem is that SuperSring boundary conditions create evenly spaced energy levels (the length of the string is a multiple of the wavelength associated with an specific state). All the contortions of creation of Tori, folding the space in membranes etc are used to try to compresses those strings into submission to yield the observed particles and bosons.

The fact that the superstring is supposed to be extremely small means that there will be a lot of trouble to make matter out of them (to find states that are low enough to accommodate the observed particles' masses).

The fact that the strings are floppy also means that they do not have nice moments of inertia and thus are not good to be modeled for quantized rotational energy levels. In my theory, I used the rotations to replicate the intrinsic quantized quantum numbers. Superstring, Kaluza-Klein theories use compact curved spaces to replicate the same property. That results in dimensional inflation, that is, the inflation in required the number of dimensions. I believe that it is more likely the existence of a soliton that has a well defined moment of inertia tensor embedded in a simpler space than to have a utterly complicated space membrane that sometimes foams..>:)

I think it is too much work for a simple string. In this theory, I divided the problem into many:

  1. First, find out how many forces are out there... I found only one "force" that reproduces Gravitation and Electromagnetism. Light speed expanding Universe means that E=mc^2 is kinetic in origin, thus there shouldn't be any potential energy stored.
  2. I proposed a particle X (four-dimensional ellipsoid of revolution) that can provide all the structure associated with experimental nuclear scattering.
  3. Particle X axes are modeled after the Quark Composition of matter and thus provide anisotropic collisional cross-sections.
  4. The dilatons decay in a quantized manner as a function of the number of waves and not spatial distance. This is certainly new. Asymptotic freedom or spherical symmetric collisions are recovered if one managed to get the particles close enough (high energy collisions).
  5. Another problem to be solved is the nature of the solitonic state of these four-dimensional dilators (X Particles). For this, I believe it is just necessary to create a simple potential for space deformation and derive the dilator states (particles masses).
  6. Another problem that HU Models solves is the explanation for the intrinsic quantum states. Charm, Spin etc are modeled as rotations (tumbling) of these four-dimensional dilators.
  7. Weak force is modeled as a Relativistic Hadronic Nonlinear Wave Scattering problem and it naturally lead to hadronic lasers.
  8. Next to last, I have to mention that this is a first viewing (nobody wanted to read it) of this theory and thus it is in the same level (perhap's better) than the first research papers on Quantum Mechanics, when people were discussing if Schrodinger equation should be linear or non-linear, etc. I am proposing a framework with well defined hypotheses and some initial results (Grand Unification). I don't have access to particle physics data and thus there is work left to be done all over the place. This means that if you are interested and have the appropriate background, I would certainly welcome collaborators.

Last but not least, the theory not only proposes that the Universe is traveling at the speed of light but tells you that you are composed of four-dimensional particles (tumbling 5-D spacetime solitons). I tell you, this has to be a difficult pill to swallow...:)

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