The Fabric of Space


The Fabric of Space

By now, Dr. Zaius, you might be able to understand that the Fabric of Space is actually the dynamic four dimensional membrane that stretches as the hyperspherical shockwave Universe expands at the speed of light. The treads are not neatly spaced and isotropic., they are the maximae of the interference of all dilatons generated by all dilators since the begining of the times.

In fact, it is not a membrane at all. It is the loci representing the solutions to the Quantum Lagrangian Principle requiring each and every dilator to land on a dilaton field maximum at each step of the Universe expansion. For each dilator that will have more than one solution and will be represented by a volume in 3D. Needless to say, this is the Hidden Variable problem that Einstein tried to solve. Everything is based on the simplest equation ever.

This loci is a mesh with a very small spacing (Compton wavelegth of a one atomic mass unit dilator). Basically the size of a nucleus. The radius of curvature of this mess is around 15 billion light years....:)

It is not unlike the hypnotic waves in the ponds I stared at in my early childhood.

Instead of having Earth sitting on the Fabric of Space, you should visualize each and every dilator. The treads are created by the dilatons (metric waves due to the dilator coherence).

By now it should be clear that Mankind has been working in the right side of the figure below. This is the icon of the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory.
In the right side, the deformational angle alphaTau is the arctan(v/c). As you know Force (3DStress) is a derivative of velocity (d alphaTau)/dTau where Tau is the dimensionalized proper time (c.t).

The other side of the equation, the force itself was derived empirically (Newton's Gravitation Law - his fourth law, Gauss Electrostatics Law, Biot-Savart Law, etc)

What I did was to derive from first principles the equations for the forces from a simple argument about the laws of Physics (Stress=Area*Strain) from a reality perspective and from a Shadow Projection perspective. Since the laws refers to the same problem, they should have the same format (covariance like).

Say that you are studying a held metal lever by applying a torque to it. This torque will eventually snap it, but not before it bend it to a high degree.

You mission is to express that bending both in 3D and 2D while observing its shadow.

Deformation are linear for small torques but will become nonlinear for larger ones. The shadow will also change, decreasiong as the deformation increases, thus the level of deformation results in a shortening of the shadow lever (not unlike space contraction/dilation as one increases velocity). There will be a maximum angle (corresponding to the speed of light) after which the shadow goes to zero (breakup of the lever).

That is how we have been doing Physics.

Thus we haven't been able to think straigh. It has been always grasping at straws, not a pretty sight...:).

All previous insights, albeit amazing from being shadow observations, are not as pleasant as seeing the Light..:)

Please read the
Hypergeometrical Newton's Second Law and the one referring to the Light..:)

I tried to publish my idea in the Los Alamos Archives and wasn't able to do it thanks to the Censorship Services provided by Alan Ginsparg.

My only option was to create a blog to tell the story and to try to find someone that could understand it.

As Einstein once said - I will paraphrase here:

Stupid people will try to hold you back, but eventually the story will be told...:)
Remeber for each stupid idea possible, there will always be a purveyor and they occupy a lot of space.

Remember what I said about the
importance of Physics. Your life might depend upon it...:)

Please feel free to ask any questions and to disseminate the existence of this work. It is a shame that I might have to go through so much trouble to tell such a nice story..:)

If I were a Cosmologist, String Theorist, etc... I would lick my wounds and realize that we have been had again... last time by a clerk at a Patent Office, this time by some little guy called MP...:) and welcome the new future...:)

I am still awaiting that from the hordes of readers, there will be a professional scientist who will say something.. good or bad...:) and of course, say it and sign in the dotted line..>:)

Maybe even invite me to give a talk...:) That would be nice...:) No Strings attached...:)

By the way, Stephen Hawking, I am not that busy next month...:)

Hope sprins eternal...:)



ps- Next I will tell the rest of the Hyperon Family story... Long overdue...:)
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