The Solar Neutrino Puzzle


The Solar Neutrino Puzzle

Before I forget, let's take a look at the Solar Neutrino Problem.

Currently Physics takes a view that starting from the minute Electron Neutrinos produced in heart of the Sun by thermonuclear reactions one obtain the other much more energetic neutrinos (Muon and Tau neutrinos) because the state of the emitted electron neutrinos are a linear combination of the three neutrinos...:)

That would make a little sense but not much... Linear combinations of quantum states are also called coherences...:) and they occurs for states of similar energy (3D volume or 3D mass) or if an state of higher energy can be decomposed as a sum of lower energy states... This means that it would be appropriate to say that a Tau Neutrino is a coherence composed of a Muon and an Electron Neutrino...:) but the converse wouldn't make physical sense...:)

Let's see if this make sense within the Hypergeometrical Universe Standard Model.

First let's see those neutrinos again:

Below is the Tau Lepton Decay:

Resulting into ->
It is clear that the Tau Neutrino is a coherence between an Electron, a Muon Neutrino and an Electron Neutrino.

This means that a Tau Neutrino could dephase into an Electron Neutrino and a Muon Neutrino or be part of a coherence between itself and the other two neutrinos.

The distinction between this analysis and current science analysis is due to the weight placed on the "neutrinos" masses. The current understanding of the masses of the Electron Neutrino and the Muon Neutrino are correct in the sense that they are ejected in their lowest state. A Tau Minus Lepton can decay into a very Fat Tau Neutrino and an Electron. The Fat Tau Neutrino would have within as subcoherences four electrons and four positrons fundamental dilator chords. Those chords would eventually decay into gamma rays. The mass of the Tau Neutrino would be different with or without those gamma rays. I believe that is a suttle problem that precluded the Neutrino Oscillatory Model to be meaningful in the past.

Of course, this assignment for the Neutrinos also means that they are photo-accessible and that one could envision a "laser trap" to slow-down Neutrinos into a Neutrino Bose Condensate someday in the future..:) Just a thought..:)

Correct rest mass comparison would show that a coherence is possible without challenging energy conservation.

This would explain the missing Solar Neutrinos without having to resort to processes where a real (non-Virtual) particle with higher energy (Tau or Muon Neutrino) is created out of a lower energy particle (Electron Neutrino).

I always feel weird when I propose something that breaks down Energy (3D Volume or 3D Mass) Conservation...:)

I think that this is a better explanation.


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