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Milk Way Monster Black Hole Ignores Snack

From Dust it Comes ... To Dust it Returns..:)

From Dust it Comes ... To Dust it Returns..:)

Happy (then) BICEP2 Scientists

Another fancy claim bites the Dust, Galactic Dust, I should say.

The experiment Bicep2 announced with great fanfare this Spring that they were able to see large anisotropy swirls remnants from the Big Bang.  I scratched my head to see if that made any sense in my theory.  It could.  Any theory that starts from a single point (or small volume) would contain correlated regions and thus a correlation distance.  That correlation could manifest itself in anisotropy swirls.

While struggling with the Pioneer Anomaly, I reached after a few trials, the conclusion that one couldn't ever see the Big Bang.  The initial Gamma Ray burst wavefront is (SQRT(2)-1)*c*AgeOfTheUniverse ahead of us at this time.

My initial analysis required us to be able to see that burst if we were to look far enough.  I was wrong.  Long gone are those good old Gamma Rays...:) Thankfully.

Now this report brings down another outrageous claim of flimsy Science.

People should take a clue from this and reevaluate our God Particle...:)  the Higgs Boson... as well as the concepts of Dark Energy and Dark Matter.

Not enough discussion, not enough dissension has been permitted on Cosmology and Particle Physics topics.  One understands the reason, after all, one has to spend tens of billions of dollars to do an experiment.

That said, now that everyone already got their Nobel Prizes, got their data...:)  It is about time to discuss alternatives.



A 3.5 Factor, Hyperluminous Neutrinos and Infinitely Fast Processes

A 3.5 Factor, Hyperluminous Neutrinos and Infinitely Fast Processes

First let's talk about a 3.5 factor in my theory.  When developing the theory, I as everybody else, took clues from reality.  A theory has to be self-consistent and consistent with reality.  I realized that deriving the theory just by looking at cross-sections of an light-speed expanding hypersphere wasn't in line with the standard way of thinking.  One normally thinks about a force, being communicated through space and distance... so the field will naturally be diluted by the area though which it is diffusing..:)

The ABC Conjecture, The InterUniversal Geometry and the Hyperon Family

The ABC Conjecture,

 The Hypergeometrical Universe 


The InterUniversal Geometry