The 7th Vigier Symposium at the Imperial College, London UK

The Beginning of Times

Darn Retarded Potentials and the Beginning of Times…:)

Hubble Expansion and the Hypergeometrical Universe

Puzzled Reader

Anonymous said:
It looks like the old school code I learned in 4th grade, but made nosense- I got "RESVSQFVHLCEDP". So unless I try loading the alphabet into it backwards and having it mean something, ya got me. Delete
MP said...
I gave all the clues...:) Please go to a Bookstore and read a little of "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown (no - I don't get a cent for plugging his book, I just enjoyed reading it..:) I hope you liked my other analogies. I especially enjoyed creating the analogy of the Rosicrucian Rose symbolism with a Hypergeometrical Universe topology...:) Cheers, MP