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First Milestone.....:)

Welcome to the Undiscovered Continent

Welcome to the Undiscovered Continent...:)

A site dedicated to the New Physics of the Hypergeometrical Universe Theory.

The Hypergeometrical Universe is a theory grounded on Physical Insight where the whole Universe is placed in motion at the Speed of Light. In doing so, all the forces of nature are unified in a simple framework.

This site will be a polished version of my other site, The Hypergeometrical Universe and will contain the applications and the vision that will bring us to the Undiscovered Continent.



Time Quantization and The Fat Electron

Quantum Time and the Fat Electron

This is a very deep Blog with profound implications. This is also a Blog about Science and I do Science for fun...:) thus expect an entertaining and educational voyage through the Fourth Dimension....:)

Here I present a pseudo-Time Quantization Ansatz, which means that although time might not be quantized, the final effect for 3D interactions is not unlike Time Quantization...:)

At the end of this Blog you will understand what is 4D-Mass, 3D-Mass and why Time can be Quantized and Continuous at the same time..>:) and of course, the most important:

Why did I use a one atomic mass unit electron in my calculations!!!!

Time Quantization Ansatz:

Let's consider that you have a Girlfriend on a Swing - I had to get the Kid out of the Swing for this Gedanken Experiment. It will become clear soon why...:) (in my case, it would be a girlfriend, in your case it might be something else)...:)

She asks for some untimely spanking and you have to comply. Well, that is where Time Quantization comes into play. What is the best way to comply?... Of course, it is when she is standing still, or at the pi multiples of the swing harmonic oscillation...:)

Of course, if there were some Malabarism taking place as the Swing goes to and fro such that she becomes really skinny (flatten like a 2-D Girlfriend)...:) then there might be some more calculations to consider. Let's say that this Flattening occurs with half the frequency of the swing - spin half-, then she will become 3D and spankable only once every four pi multiples...:)

How such paradigm would help us understand Pseudo-Time Quantization?

Let's recapitulate a few things from the past and a few from the future:

As Good as It Gets...:)

As Good as It Gets...:)

This friend of mine told me that my Blog on
Time Quantization and the Fat Electron was the funniest scientific papers he'd ever read...:) and told me that now the expectations are higher... and I am bound to disappoint everyone...

I do believe it will always be the most important paper in this series. First, the Fat Electron is explained for the first time. When I wrote the original paper, I wrote it for the largest Eggheads in the planet and thought that they would immediately understand...:) I confess it was poorly explained ... It was done without time quantization...... but it wasn't as ground shaking as proposing the pseudo quantization of Time...:)

The Fat Electron was also ground breaking...:) The idea that most of the Universe is composed of a single particle is quite remarkable ...:) This insight goes side by side with the Cosmological Coherence insight...:)

Photon Disentanglement...:)

Action at Distance:
Quantum Mechanics Disentangled ..:)