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Hypergeometrical Shock Wave Universe Surfing

Hypergeometrical Shock Wave Universe Surfing

Thanks for your support and attention... I really appreciate your reading of my theory.

Presenting a new idea is a diffusion process...:) Ideas, revolutionary ideas are first disregarded as nonsensical (sometimes even called Quaint..>:) ), then fought and finally embraced...

I believe my theory is almost passed the Quaint stage... Pretty soon the struggle for the Truth will start until we finally reach acceptance..:) Just prior to the next revolution...:)

That is how it is and how it is suppose to be.

There has been a shift in the air and in the statistics:

The number of new hits (these plot only counts new readers) had a few noticeable peaks... The one on September 22nd is due to my proposed solution to the Action at Distance Paradox. On October 2nd I proposed the Quantization of Time (Pseudo- Quantization) supported by the Fat Electron, thus Spanking Physics...:) (just kidding...)

The early stages of this theory were about diffusion. A few random (but well appreciated) readers would stumble into the site and discover but most likely not understand the theory... In the best scenario, they would give me a vote of confidence after seeing my Fat Electron usage. I used a 0ne atomic mass unit electron in my Electrostatic and Magnetism Calculations.

Now it seems that the initial randomness has been substituted by a vigorous enlightment process...:) Please bring this site to the attention to the people who can best fight it... :) and the people who will become my collaborators...:)

Bring me to your leader...:) (I always wanted to say that...:)

When I created that paper, I had a different and less transparent argument to support the Fat Electron. I did not work or see the paper for one year until this date a few weeks ago when I had to remember my obscure reasoning. In recreating the argument I unveil the nagging perspective that I might have to quantize time to make sense of it in this new argument. Eventually everything turned out fine.. Like Marguerite rescuing Faust in the Last Act...:)

As you can imagine, Faust is my preferred Opera...:)

It seems that this two punch approach is working and is opening the doors to new readers, hopefully the people who disregarded the theory as nonsensical, and the ones who will now fight it tooth and nail..>:)

Nobody used any "Sheer Common Sense" in Physics for the longest time... Even I, I confess...not too long ago, was also naive... In fact, I was naive until I came up with something different...

That freedom allowed to review the premises in prior and competing theories with disastrous results (for them)...:)

Well... It is late ... In my next blog De Docta Ignorantia, I will explain my opinion on Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics, The Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, EPR Paradox, and the Schrodinger's Cat.

Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno

Every time someone goes on a limb and proposes something that is different from the common refrain people is chanting, there is a need for a supporter.

Giordano Bruno as described at

Italian philosopher who used Copernican principles in formulating his cosmic theory of an infinite universe. Condemned by the Inquisition for heresy, immoral conduct, and blasphemy, he was burned at the stake.