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Where is the Hyperon Family?

Mismanagement at Cornell-Los Alamos Arxives

Mismanagement at Cornell-Los Alamos Arxives

Alia iacta est

Alia iacta est

Steven Colbert is a man of vision..>:)

As you know, he was supporting me at my
first blog. Pretty soon, I will pay him back with the release of my book below and a brief homage..:) I hope you like the icon associated with the theory and book.

You should have no trouble recognizing the paradigm of The Flying Orchestra representing our lightspeed expanding hyperspherical Universe with their singing dilators...:) (you and me included in the chorus)...:) The two eyes are the two cross-sections of the Hypergeometrical Universe, and the side adornments are the two phases of the fundamental dilator representing the proton and electron, thus summarizing the theory in a single picture.

Deuterium Coherent Fusion Questions

Deuterium Coherent Fusion Questions:

William asked:

On page 68 of the second paper under papers in your blog you are discussing
nuclear fusion of deuterium.

The diagram labeled deuterium shows
interaction of one electron with one nuetron, but deuterium has two

Does your theory predict any new experimental observations
that have
been verified?

What does your theory say about dark energy
and mass?

It is always a pleasure answering questions and having the theory defend itself...:) I will do my part..>:)

Let's see what Wikipedia tells us about Deuterium:

The Passage of Time