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Dr. Zaius

Dr. Zaius said...

Comment #3 - The Forest By The Trees

The Forest by the Trees

Balls Diagram Review

The Balls Diagram

This is a review of the Balls Diagram, which will be valuable in understanding the rest of the Hyperons....:)

As you know, didactics requires some memorable associations and I thougtht about this one while listenig to Chris Matthews' Hardball. Valentine's Day was also in my mind...:)

So let's learn some physics up, Fellas.:)

The Balls Diagram has been shown for the initial particles of the Hyperon Family and even though they should be self-evident, I thought that it would be worthwhile to spend a blog on it...:)

Let's take the Coherence Diagram for the Pion Minus for simplicity and its corresponding Balls Diagram.

Pion Minus

Brief Review on How We Know What We Think We Know

Comments #3 Brief Review of How We Know What We Think We Know

I said...

How do we know what we think we know?
Without the benefit of seeing the skinny fourth spatial dimension, we couldn't really measure those 4D volumes and very small angles, so we concocted the concept of Mass (the 3D projection of a 4D Volume).

If you don't know that you are traveling radially at the speed of light, your 3D observations and body of knowledge will have to be adjusted to consider lightspeed to be the limiting speed on the 3D sliver of Universe you live. That entails stretching proper time, contracting space, etc.

I don't know who else did it, but I certainly did notice that Lorentz transformations is equivalent to a rotation by an imaginary angle and that time is imaginary in Physics.

The point is that by discovering Lorentz transformations we postponed another 100 years the discovery that we are all in motion at the speed of light. Were I am certainly being optmistic in believing people will eventually discover my work..:)

I appologize for being loud and sometimes outrageous or at least defiant in my corner of the internet... It is very, very quiet here and sometimes one has to scream to check to see if anyone is listening...:)

Next, I've just copied a prior blog - sanitized from some of my sense of isolation - in preparation for better blogs about the Hyperons... The Hyperon work was done last year end, during my vacation....I was pleasantly distracted and had only some of my attention on the problem.... so they might be perfect or not... I didn't reconsider the assignment problem to check for mistakes... I welcome any suggestions, corrections..

In my paper, I expressed Newton's equation as:

Comment #2 on the Silver Surfer

Comments #2 on The Silver Surfer and The Hypergeometrical Universe

Anonymous said...

Ok, I see it. I guess it explains the lateral motion. But what about the radial? If one was to take a "surfer" analogy literally, one would have to assume a presence of a force perpendicular to the plain of "surfing". I.e. the only reason a real surfer can move forward is because of a gravity pulling him perpendicular to the surface of water, water resisting it, and a moving wave. So, if we live on the edge of a 4D shockwave, then there should be some force pulling us in the fifth dimension, shouldn't there?


First of ALL, let me thank you for asking me such meaningful and thoughtful questions.

This is a wonderful question, Anonymous...

I prayed everyday for such an event, and finally got my prayers answered ...:) He sent me a real Surfer (I mean, a Real Physicist...:)

First, let me remind you that the force on a Surfer is also trying to reach equilibrium or relaxation and that althought there is a Force and there is motion, if one disregards friction between the surfboard and the water and changes in height, there isn't work been done. The Force is just a boundary force or virtual force not unlike the force the ground exerts on us. The same is valid for the hypersuperficial force :).

First I will give you the short answer :

Radial (and lateral) propagation is driven by restoring metric forces (I calculated the 4D space deformation spring constant in my Grand Unification Paper). One can surf a transversal sea wave (where Gravity is the restoring force) or a shock wave (longitudinal wave) from a Supernova explosion (pressure being the restoring force). There are dissipation, acceleration and masses in these analogies, but in my theory there are only dilatons (traveling metric modulations) and dilators (coherences between 4D stationary deformational states). NO accelerations or masses.