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Electron-Proton Fundamental Dilator Review

Electron-Proton Fundamental Dilator

Universe as a Higher Dimension Shock Wave

HyperGeometrical Universe Topology

HyperGeometrical Cosmology

The HyperGeometrical Universe theory is a simple Theory of Everything that based on clues from Relativity and Quantum Mechanics proposes that the Universe is actually an expanding shell on a light-speed expanding hyperspherical space disturbance. That shell where our Universe lies is a three dimensional hyperspherical shell that travels outwards at the speed of light.

Simple inspection of the above figure allows for many conclusions.

The Balls Diagram Review

Greetings MP,

I read your blog from bottom to top. I like the theory and am impressed at the breadth it covers, it's agreement with what is already known, and it's recovery of all the standard equations and constants. I easily grasp the 4D shockwave in a 5D universe, and that we are all traveling at the speed of light.

Unfortunately, my math skills petered out at calculus. Even in calculus I could never remember the formulas. I always relied on visualization to gain an understanding of the problem and choose an appropriate analysis method. Then I had to recover the formula for the method from my visualization of the steps of the analysis process. Essentially, anything I can visualize, I can understand well enough to work with, but you will never see me produce neat formulas.

I can just about manage to visualize 3D objects that are morphing shape while both translating and rotating. I believe this may be sufficient to be able to fully visualize your theory. I only need to get an accurate set of visualizations built up.

I think I understand the 4D shockwave and absolute time. I follow the Hubble velocity being due to universe expansion, and inertia as a result of space trying to relieve the strain of a distortion. I start to get lost at the balls diagrams.

I understand electron = proton = positron = anti-proton as four different rotational positions of the same 4D space distortion (dilator). I'm not certain I fully understand rotation vs. tunneling. I'm also not getting a good visual of neutrinos as pairs of transmutations.

A neutrino should be just another kind of space distortion, like the electron/proton/positron/anti-proton. If so, I can see how interactions between them could possibly result in a disturbance of the synchronization of your fundamental dilator so that it began to present itself to 'reality' as a different 'particle'.

There is a lot more I would like to clear up, but this is enough for a start. I hope you check this email address. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Spontaneous Breakdown of Symmetry...

Spontaneous Breakdown of Symmetry and The Great Achievement of Achieving True Supersymmety