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Precocious Supermassive Black-Holes

I called their mothers Fat!!! Day 1

I called their mothers, Fat  >:) or I beg to differ..:

I called their mothers Fat!!!!

I called their mothers, Fat  >:)


You can NOW read my theory at leisure on your Kindle.  By the way, it seems I discovered a new Force in Nature...:)

Working Hard For Mankind...:)

Working Hard for Mankind!!!

I have been polishing my theory for prime time.  In solving one of the puzzles that come across every time you re-read something you did 10 years ago, I stumbled in a new Force..:) 

I called their Mothers, Fat...:)

I called their Mothers, Fat...:)

Not exactly, but I mentioned many times that their theories are Infinitas Complicata ( and that it was hubris to preclude the inclusion of other ideas into the discussion.